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    Tommy Nguyen

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    StoragePug at TechCruch Disrupt SF 2019

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    The Pug Founders are going to California! At this year's TechCrunch Disrupt SF 2019 conference in San Francisco, StoragePug and fellow Tennessee startups are showing up in full force. As part of Startup Alley, the Tennessee Pavilion showcases some of our best homegrown talent from Knoxville, Chattanooga, Nashville, and Memphis.

    Value Based Pricing for the Best Self Storage Rental Experience

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    Deciding what to price your storage unit rentals is a challenging endeavor.

    As a self storage operator, you can do some market research to see what competitors are charging, but that process will only reveal so much. You can peruse a competitor's website or have a friend go to their facility and talk to a manager.

    However, the price they offer will only get you in a ballpark. If a competitor's facility has different amenities, sizes, or numbers of units, then your rate will have to be tailored further.

    Introducing StorageCat: A Better Way to Store Your Cat [April 1st, 2019]

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    As owners and managers of self storage facilities, you're always on the hunt for smart ways to attract new tenants and give your existing tenants the best experience. 

    The Three C's come to mind: ComfortableConvenient, and Cat-friendly.

    At StoragePug, we love animals of all sorts: dogs, humans, managers, bears, and even cats. Being a dog-centric company, we've felt recently that the Pug Platform doesn't serve our feline friends very well.

    That changes today. Introducing StorageCat: A Better Way to Store Your Cat!

    We're committed to building bold, amazing, and helpful tools for the self storage industry.

    Keep reading to find out why StorageCat** is the next amazing self-storage innovation. Go ahead and a get in touch when you're ready!

    7 Ways to boost your Self Storage ROI by offering online rentals

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    If you aren’t already offering online rentals, your self-storage business is missing out.

    Period. End of story.

    A desire for end-to-end shopping, selection, and purchase in the virtual world isn’t limited to Millennials and techies. A whopping 58% of all consumers say convenience is driving a preference for completing their purchases online, and the self storage business is no exception.

    [SiteLink API] Rent Portable Storage Containers on your Website

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    As portable storage containers gain popularity amongst renters, traditional self storage operators are adding portable (mobile) storage options to their list of amenities.

    Renters want a seamless experience when shopping for storage online, so it is essential to offer user-friendly tools that keep customers engaged on your website.

    How to Hire a Great Self Storage Property Manager

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    StoragePug is a modern marketing company for self storage. We create intelligent marketing websites that allow you to rent units & take payments through your facility's website.

    Few industries are like the self storage industry in that the success or failure of a location relies so considerably on one or two employees - the property managers.

    Finding a qualified manager can be exhaustive and usually is a lengthy process if done right.

    Drone Photography: Outshine your Self Storage Competitors

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    Remote controlled Drones have been around for years.  These high-tech devices are perfect for highlighting the quality and security of your self storage.  

    Using sweeping and dramatic angles, there is no replacement for the capabilities of your flying camera.

    StoragePug + SiteLink API Integration: Enable Discounts on Website

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    In a competitive market, discounts can be a great way to get new customers to move in. Whether you're expanding, building, or simply need to fill up units, offering discounts through your website can be a great way to increase your occupancy.

    You can read more about how StoragePug implements discounts here.

    SiteLink Recommended Hardware

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    SiteLink Web Edition is one of the most widely used self-storage management software solutions. If you're looking to migrate to SiteLink or simply need to upgrade your current hardware, here's what we recommend to get you started.

    [SiteLink API Integration] Payment Portal: Prepay for a Unit

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    When customers know how long they will stay or simply don't want to deal with paying month-to-month, we recommend offering prepayment options. Paying for months or periods of time in advance, and tenants do this so to mitigate any risk of late fees or so to budget their money more appropriately. 

    One of the neat features of the Payment Portal is we allow tenants to prepay up to 12 months in advance, making it easy on them while decrease the number delinquencies and collection calls. Keep your clients happy through your self storage website.