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December 2021: Letter from Tommy, Google Updates, & Year in Review

December 28, 2021

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Read a heartfelt letter from Tommy, learn about the new Google updates, and see our Year in Review!

December 2021 Newsletter

Hey Hey there,

Wow, 2021 was a whirlwind. We started this year on the edge of our seat, unsure of what the world, much less our industry, would go through.

I hope that you all experienced what we did - a year of growth and progress!

With so much in flux, I wanted to take a second and reflect on some key things we learned this year:

  1. Self storage is still growing
    Even after 2020, storage is still moving. Occupancy rates are high. Street rates reached record levels in almost all markets in 2021. Portfolios are being sold for the billions (with a B). So many operators are seeing unprecedented growth.

    As populations shift from COVID and remote work, we can expect the market to continue to change, but what we know, at the very least, is that storage isn't going anywhere.

  2. Independent operators are staying competitive
    As more facilities are being built, independent operators are updating their facilities and modernizing their processes to go head-to-head with the REITs.

    Self storage customers want an experience that's easy and reliable - no matter which facility is providing it.

  3. Expect the unexpected
    We have good projections of what the next 5 years of self storage will be, but we can never know 100%. What we do know is that being prepared is essential!

    Having your operations and processes tight is key to coming out on top, no matter the landscape. 

Lastly, I want to extend the biggest thank you to the "Pug Pack," our incredible clients. We truly feel so lucky to not just partner with you, but to know you and call you friends.

Self storage is an incredible industry, and we're so glad to be in it. Here's to an awesome 2022!

Happy Holidays from the StoragePug Team,


Google Business Profile is the new Google My Business!

Google My Business Playbook - Cover Shadow

Google changed GMB's name and added new features. We've updated our Playbook with everything you need to know!

  • How Google Business Profile drives more rentals on your site
  • How to set up your Profile for optimal exposure 
  • New GBP features that make updating your Profile easier

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Gabfocus 2021 - Year in Review

Watch our "end of the year" Gabfocus Session!

Virtual workshop with self storage experts

We invited a handful of our favorite self storage experts to share the lessons they learned from their year, and how they're getting ready for a successful 2022.

Watch the video HERE


SurePoint logo

How SurePoint's new website redefined success


Brian Cisarik has been in self storage for over 20 years. When he says, I had no idea this kind of success was possible, it’s worth paying attention to.

Over the last two decades, he’s developed, bought, and sold a fair share of facilities as SurePoint Storage, and he’d gotten used to a low level of expectation with his website providers.

“With StoragePug, we had immediate, phenomenal results. One of our locations which had never had any kind of online traction got 12 online rentals in the first month and a half. And that was happening at the other stores too. Since then we’ve seen consistent results.

You guys have far exceeded our expectations. I had no idea this kind of success was possible."

- Brian Cisarik, Read SurePoint's Story →


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With Insights, our self storage marketing platform, operators get the data and digital tools they need to make the get out of their website and their self storage investment.

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