StoragePug + SiteLink API Integration: Enable Discounts on Website

May 4, 2018

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In a competitive market, discounts can be a great way to get new customers to move in. Whether you're expanding, building, or simply need to fill up units, offering discounts through your website can be a great way to increase your occupancy.

You can read more about how StoragePug implements discounts here.

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Note, however, that you should typically only apply discounts to the first month. Why, you ask? Once a tenant moves in, as long as they're happy, they will stick with you, if only through shear convenience.

To learn how to offer discounts on your SiteLink-enabled StoragePug Website, check out this video here.

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Hey there, Tommy here with StoragePug.  Today we're going to go over how you can offer discounts on your website. 

With their StoragePug site link API integration we give you full control of what discounts are displayed on your units during the rental process; we can let you show and hide discounts based on your location, based on your unit size, based on your unit type, all sorts of stuff. 

So we can include discounts like dollar move in, $50 move in, 50% off, free move in, all the discounts that you can think about that you can configure through SiteLink we can let you offer those same discounts on your website.  So here we go.

I'm going to go straight to my SiteLink, and easy enough you can just go to "Set Up" right up here and once you're in Set Up discount plans is the bottom left column.  So it's right here, Discount Plans nice and easy. 

And SiteLink's great, they actually come with some prebuilt in discounts.  For today I'm going to go ahead and go through and create a brand new discount so you can see all the settings that you need to do to make this work.

So I'm going to click on "Add" boom over there at the top right, and right here give it a plan name.  So I want to do a $50 move in, just like that.  Of course we're going to do it on the rent; and then what I like to do is check the box that says "Prepayment." 

What this is is if you want your customers to be eligible for this promo they not only pay for this first month they actually have to pay for X number of months in addition.  So what I do is I do one or zero, and then next up is expires.  Most of the time, and this is what we recommend most of our storage facilities do is you do not ever need to apply the discounts to more than one month. 

Once the tenant has moved in they're staying.  They're staying out of convenience, they're staying because they don't need to move, and if they're happy they're going to stay with you.  So you really should only give discounts on that first month and that's what we'd recommend.

Next up is you uncheck everywhere and then you check your website.  If you do want to offer discounts on SpareFoot, kiosks or some of these other software, well you're welcome to check that but you do have to make sure that the website box is checked, it is not enough to have everywhere checked.

Next up is the amount that you want discounted.  So you can do a fixed amount, so $20 off this month only, you can do a 50% off, a 98% off, 100% off, or you can do a fixed rate.  What this means is this is the amount that the customer will pay no matter what unit it is.  So in this case we're going to do a $50 move in special, so the fixed rate is $50, and of course you want to do move ins only, you don't necessarily want to apply this promo to the payments or the other screens, you typically only do move-ins obviously. 

And then of course currently in use you want to make sure that's checked.

And over here on the right side this is very important, there's a box that says "Restrict the plan to the following unit types and sizes," this is what we mean by giving you full access.  So what you do is you check this box then you click "Select" over on the right, and what this will do is give you all the various units that you have at this location. 

So you want to check "Alright I want this promo to be applied to my five by 10 climate; I want it to be my other five by 10 climate; I want to be on my 10 by 10 drive up, just those three types of units.   I'm hit "OK," boom, those three pop up, I'm going to hit "OK" and SiteLink is going to say "Do you want to add this entry?"

I'm going to say "Yes."  Voila!

So now I'm going to open up that promo back in, there it is, it pops up, $50 move in, so I'm just going to review the settings that you need to make this happen to go live on your website, your StoragePug website.

So here it is, you gave it a name, $50 move-in. In this case I could have called it anything I want, and whatever promo you have right here, whatever you name that plan it's going to show up on the website that way. 

You check the prepayment and then you insert the number of months that you require the customer to prepay in advance to be eligible for this promo, it could be zero, it could be one, it can be six, up to you.  We recommend expiration applies after one month only, so any months after that they're going to pay full price. 

You have to make sure that the web site check box is checked, so typically what you do is uncheck everywhere in the check website.  But like I said before you're welcome to check SpareFoot, kiosk, or any of this other settings if you have promos available in those places.

Next up is the amount section.  You can do a fixed amount off, you can do a percentage off or a straight up fixed rate for that unit.  You can do move-ins only or payments only or all options.

And then lastly is the ability to control which units have this, so you're going to check the box that says "Restrict the plan to the following unit types," click "Select," and then from here check the boxes that are associated with each unit type, hit "OK," hit "OK" one more time, SiteLink is going to ask if you want to save it, boom, you're good to go. 

And then that will appear on your StoragePug web site in real time. Alright.

So today we went over how you can offer discounts right on your website through SiteLink's API integration. Thanks for tuning in, see you next time.


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