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What are Local Listings?

December 3, 2018

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Get Your Self Storage Business on the Web with Local Listings

Even if you are just starting your self storage enterprise, you certainly know that the storage industry spins around the axis of location: your facility location, your customers' location, the location of your pods or portable units, or even the location of your storage transfer vehicles (ie moving trucks). 

Like real estate, the storage biz is all about location, location, location—right down to where and how you are located on the real estate of the internet. Specifically, we’re talking about local listings. According to Search Engine Watch, local listings spur 50% of mobile users to visit a business on the same day. 

So, knowing this, it’s a no-brainer! As a storage business, you cannot afford to ignore local listings online. 


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What are Local Listings? What are Local Listings Online?

If you are old enough to remember using the milkman for dairy products, Star Trek episodes as your nightly entertainment, the birth of muscle cars, or even *gasp* the paper-bound Yellow Pages, then you are already familiar with the ongoing value of local listings as they pertain to today’s communications context.

On the web, local listings come in the form of the business (or DBA) name, its physical address, and the phone number (in short, Name, Address, Phone, or even shorter: NAP). In most cases, your website and contact email are included. You will see such listings on the Yelp, Foursquare, and Yellow Pages sites, for instance, where NAP listings are actually free of charge to the business.

Like listings in the old, pulp version of the Yellow Pages—where the more books in which your listing or ad appeared, the better— online local listing effectiveness improves with the number of sites that feature your listings. Unlike those once ubiquitous yet unwieldy Yellow Page books, however, online NAP sites number in the hundreds.


More Listings Equals More Search Results for Your Business

By establishing your local listing on as many sites as possible—free or otherwise—you position your business favorably when prospective customers browse for a storage facilitator. Search engines like Google use web crawlers to return your NAP data to the potential customer based on the location of their handheld or other web device.

In the storage business, this SEO dynamic proves vital to your bottom line, as location is one of the top criteria for prospective storage customers. 


Multiple Listings Will Boost Your Brand Awareness

As a business in general, having a multitude of listings and prominent positions in search results establishes your legitimacy and authority in your field of business. When seen frequently, you build a reputation. It’s another means of branding support. 


How Do You Begin Taking Advantage of Local Listings Online?

You can probably imagine how much time stands to be burned when trying to visit each and every local-listing site to enter your business’ info. Maybe teens with multiple social media accounts might have time to perform such a time-consuming, menial task, but are they hirable?

More practically,  you can use listing tools found online (such as Synup, Yext, or BrightLocal) that will zip you from one site to the next with auto-fills and simultaneous listings. Even Mario Andretti or Captain Kirk would be impressed with such speed! Or better yet, you can rely on an automated location data management service and SEO experts like StoragePug to optimize your online presence across the board.

Some of the aforementioned online tools feature directories to a multitude of sites that offer local listings while providing instant listings through their service. 


The Added Advantage of Hiring Help to Maintain and Ensure Your Local Listings

Services like StoragePug are in business to give you the freedom to devote more of your time to actually running your business. StoragePug specifically tailors its website and SEO services to storage companies, so they can help in all aspects of your online presence. They know what it takes to keep you on top of the storage company competition.

That said, if you believe you have the time and digital acuities to go DIY or delegate (with some mentoring) an employee or partner to establish local listings online, make sure you do your homework about each browser’s priorities when it comes to nabbing your listing for display in search results.

For example, Google’s guidelines for representing your business goes through all of the criteria you must keep in mind to optimize your presence on sites that feature local listing

If you choose to use a multiple-listing service or tool, you should verse yourself in the essentials of local listings on the web. Business.com offers some basic tenets to creating such listings and maintaining them effectively.


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