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Taking Your Self Storage Facility into the Age of Digital Marketing

September 21, 2018

Taking Your Self Storage Company into the Age of Digital Marketing
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In the past, word of mouth, radio advertising, or even an ad in the newspaper was enough to get your self storage facility a little extra attention, but not anymore.

Today, 91% of adults search online for their needs, whether it’s to purchase directly from an online retailer or to decide whom they want to shop with locally.

Getting your self storage company into digital marketing is not as difficult as you might think! Most of it is possible for anyone to do with a computer, internet access, and perhaps a bit of help from a tech-savvy person.

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Simple Digital Marketing Methods

1. Create a website with high-quality content that is geared towards your customers.

Include information about things that your consumers find relevant and interesting. Make sure that your facility's contact information is accessible for the visitor to see.

Of course, talk about your storage brand. Be sure to include items such as a storage guide, sizes, pricing, and other content that can educate them in their future storage decisions.

2. Optimize your website for SEO.

SEO, or search engine optimization, helps your website to gain visibility for potential customers who are searching online for storage companies.

To get on the first page – where most people choose their business needs from – you need to get your page SEO optimized.

There are many sites out there to help you do this quickly and (mostly) painlessly.

3. Get on social media, but plan and be intentional.

Much of social media is fluff, but when you sort through it to get to the good stuff, it’s a great way to get advertising directly targeted to your potential customers.

Make a plan for how you are going to use your Facebook or LinkedIn page, and – more importantly – how you are going to measure the success of that usage. You will need to tweak what you are doing as your outreach starts to plateau.

4. Pay attention to the social media conversations.

Follow what is being said on your pages or about you. Pay attention to what your followers are talking about and what is important to them.

Try to optimize your content and feeds with things that are interesting to them, and be receptive to possible complaints before they become significant problems.

5. Utilize the Facebook for Business opportunity.

Facebook for Business gives your company a platform to show off your values and culture.

Being a part of the online community can increase traffic to your website, which will help to push you farther up on the search results page.

6. Welcome online reviews from new customers, and respond to your reviews.

Statistics say that consumers trust online recommendations and reviews almost as much as they trust the advice of their close friends and family.

Getting those reviews quickly from your new customers is like gold to your business, and is the best advertising you can receive.

How you respond to those reviews is essential as well – try to respond to all of them, positive or negative, within 24 hours.

7. Pay attention to how much your digital marketing ROI.

Free advertising is a great thing – online reviews, social media, word of mouth, all goldmines for a storage company. However, sometimes you will be paying to boost your posts, keep your website going, and get it optimized.

You may even offer contests with free storage rentals or other giveaways. Have a plan in place of how you are determining if your out-of-pocket costs on advertising are paying for themselves.

It's a good idea to tweak your strategy and what you are spending your money on to bring in business effectively.

Digital Marketing in the 21st Century

There’s no other way to sugarcoat it – to survive as a business in a world where consumers are increasingly turning to online reviews and shopping as their main avenues for purchases, you have to have a significant online presence – and you have to use digital marketing.

It can range from free to expensive, and you can do it yourself or hire out, but you must get your storage company digital advertising, like, now.

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