Self Storage Maintenance Checklist [Free Download]

May 9, 2023

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Every time I park my car, I lock it - then about 15 feet away I stop and lock it again just to make sure!

I can’t imagine being responsible for the thousand locked doors in a self storage facility. The beeping would never stop.

Storage facility maintenance requires you to complete a huge number of tasks spread out over a long period of time - without a way to keep track, you’re going to forget things and double up on tasks. This helpful, customizable checklist can help you keep track and make maintaining your facility much more efficient!

Like all our other Operator Toolkit documents, this Self Storage Maintenance Checklist was put together by storage pros who solved this issue for themselves.

Now, they’re sharing it with you! Our Operator’s Toolkit has dozens of helpful lists, files, and other forms that our industry friends have found useful. You can customize each after you’ve downloaded it, so the pieces that don’t apply to you can be cut out and replaced with more direct stuff.

This is much easier than starting with a blank page!

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Self Storage Maintenance Checklist

There are plenty of maintenance problems to deal with in a self storage facility. Some of them can be put off. Some require immediate attention. Most can be improved by a bit of preventative self storage maintenance.

Preventative maintenance can keep you from having to spend thousands on repairing or replacing expensive equipment. Preventative maintenance also keeps your facility looking nice and neat for prospective customers.

This self storage maintenance checklist starts off with a weekly checklist of small maintenance items for you or your managers to complete. It has spots for whoever completes the task to put their initial or mark that they’ve completed it, so you don’t end up doing the same task twice.

There are also different areas designated which you’ll need to rename depending on your facility layout - for example, indicating which set of self storage units has been swept clean.

Weekly Maintenance Checklist

After the weekly tasks, they’ve included a set of monthly maintenance tasks that will keep your facility in top shape. Everything from cleaning the HVAC system to oiling the gate-opening chains is included, with plenty of options to remove ones you don’t find useful and add new ones that are specific to your facility. 

The checklist also includes longer-term tasks and seasonal approaches to keeping a self storage facility humming. There’s a set for spring cleaning and a set for preparing for winter, so you never end up falling behind!

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How is a Self Storage Maintenance Checklist Helpful?

The biggest benefit of our self storage maintenance checklist is that it ensures every task actually gets completed once and no more than that!

If you’ve got multiple people maintaining your facility, you may end up wasting time performing maintenance chores that have already been done. Worse, you could end up thinking someone has done something important when it doesn’t actually get done at all.

By taking the time to customize a storage maintenance checklist, operators can prevent lapses. You can also document that your managers are completing each task assigned to them on a daily bases. Check out our Daily Manager Checklist for the day-to-day version of this useful form.

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