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March 7, 2023

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Managing a self storage facility is a big job! 

The phone's ringing off the hook, three people are in the office with questions, and you haven't even had your coffee yet.

All this chaos makes it easy to let important tasks slip through the cracks. Make sure everything important gets done with our Manager's Daily Checklist!

This checklist, like all the other pieces in our Operator's Toolkit, comes from self storage operators that use it every day. 

It's also totally customizable, so if your facility has extra steps (or doesn't need to do some) you can change this easily to match your needs! Starting with a checklist is much easier than making your own, even if you have to change it a lot.

Check out this and the other handy files in our Operator's Toolkit here!

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Why Use a Daily Manager Checklist?

This checklist is a perfect way to ensure every important task gets taken care of. Whether your manager is a veteran or brand new, a checklist helps everyone stay focused.

Whether your facility is crazy busy or nice and calm, a custom checklist can be invaluable. If you've got more than one employee working at a time, a checklist ensures no tasks are done twice, which saves time and labor costs.

It can also save your managers time by cataloging every task that needs doing. They won't have to spend time planning their day or deciding what needs doing next. 

This checklist can be prioritized so that the most important tasks are completed first and the optional tasks are at the bottom, to be completed if time allows.

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Made By Storage Folks, For Storage Folks

The best part of our Operator's Toolkit is that every piece in it was given by our friends in the industry. If you're running into problems with your self storage operation, chances are someone else has already faced them!

We've compiled a big set of the solutions they're found in our Operator's Toolkit. Not all of these files will apply to your business - and some that are, you'll want to change!

But these files are all totally customizable, so you'll hopefully find them useful no matter how unique your operation is.

5 ways ebook

A daily checklist can simplify and streamline the tasks expected of the facility manager.  Even if it's just one person running the whole facility, even if that person is you, a list of tasks is always helpful.

Not only does it keep you from forgetting those little tasks that need doing every day (checking reviews, anyone?), it helps you organize your time. You can see what you need to do before lunch, before close, and what needs doing every Friday.

Additionally, if you have a new manager, this is a great way to both help them remember all they need to do and reassure yourself that everything got done. If you find that they've checked off tasks that haven't actually been done, well, better to learn that they're not trustworthy now than when it's really important.

Download our Self Storage Operator's Toolkit below to get this and many other helpful files and templates!

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