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Should My Storage Facility Have a Facebook Business Page?

December 4, 2018

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Should My Storage Facility Have a Facebook Business Page?

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More than 60 million businesses use Facebook to connect with customers.

Facebook Business can help you increase awareness of your self-storage business, encourage people to use your facility and build great advertising campaigns. Here are some of the other benefits of using a Facebook Business Page for your self-storage facility. 

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Increases Brand Awareness

More than two billion people per month use Facebook.

A Facebook Business Page helps raise awareness of your self-storage business.

You can reach people who might want to use your facility and tell them about your business, or just build brand familiarity in your community so when someone eventually finds themselves in need of storage, your business is already top of mind. 

Provides Free Advertising

Facebook Business Pages are for businesses both large and small. Setting up a business page is free, so with Facebook Business, you can make an impact on your customers with zero advertising budget. 

If you do want to throw some money in, even $1, you will see significant benefit over unsponsored posts. 

Helps Customers Learn About Your Business

A Facebook Business Page can help save time. 

You can provide customers with information about your business right on your page to quickly answer questions about your operating hours, location, and offerings. 

Having everything on Facebook means that you will spend less time answering calls from customers who want to know basic information while ensuring this info is easily accessible to the public. 

Optimized For Mobile Devices  

As more and more people are spending time on mobile devices, it is essential that your content is optimized for mobile viewing. 

If your business page doesn’t look good or load quickly on mobile devices, your customers will become frustrated and leave. 

One of the advantages of a Facebook Business page is that it is already mobile-friendly. Your Facebook Business page will look great no matter what device your customers are using to access it. 

Helps You Improve Customer Service

Your Facebook Business Page provides an easy way for you to interact with customers online. Facebook messenger is a free and easy tool that lets customers reach you 24/7, and you can even set automatic responses to some of your customers' most frequently asked questions.

You can even embed a Facebook Messenger chat widget right on your self storage website!

Prompt customer service helps build loyalty and trust. You can also respond to reviews, own up to mistakes, and keep your customers in the loop via Facebook. All of these actions go a long way towards building a loyal customer base. 

Getting Started With Facebook For Business  

Facebook has the potential to be a goldmine for any business. Unfortunately, the majority of Facebook Business pages fail, causing many business owners to simply abandon them. 

The secret ingredient to making your Facebook Business page a success is customer engagement. If customers view your page as an advertisement, they will not interact with it, and you won't get that great visibility that you're after. 

Fortunately, we have some great tips to help you build a highly-engaged Facebook Business page: 

  • Have a clear marketing strategy - What are your marketing goals and objectives? It can be beneficial to hire a professional self-storage marketing company to help you develop a marketing strategy that will help you identify these things. 

  • Track analytics - The "Insights" tab on your Facebook Business Page offers a lot of useful analytics tools that let you track all kinds of metrics - from your user reach to which content is generating the most engagement. 

    These analytics can provide you with valuable information about your demographics and are key to gaining a deeper understanding of how people are interacting with your Facebook Business Page. 

  • Use the right apps for your objectives - Facebook for Business has a variety of apps and tools beyond Facebook Pages.

    Facebook ads can help you capture the attention of customers in your local area. Lookalike Audiences lets you find people to advertise to that are similar to your ideal customers. 

For more information about creating a Facebook Business Page or using Facebook’s other tools for businesses, StoragePug can help. We can make Facebook and other social media tools work for you to generate leads and increase buzz about your self-storage business. Click here to get in contact with our digital marketing team! 


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