How to Use QR Codes at Your Storage Facility

December 8, 2022

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QR codes seem to be everywhere we look these days.

From restaurants to government offices, these little black-and-white puzzle-like codes are used to connect people to the information they need. Consumers are becoming increasingly used to QR codes and how to use them, and some people have even come to prefer their use for things like paying tabs, secure log-ins, or adding friends on apps.

These codes have their use in self storage, as well.

Let's take a look at how some operators are already using QR codes to give you some idea of what they are and how they can help! Meanwhile, if you're looking for the do-and-don't best practices for how to design, place, and use a QR code, we've got you covered over at this post.


QR Codes, What They Are, and How They Work

Would it surprise you to learn the QR code has been around since 1994?

For years, the QR code (or quick response code) floated around different industries, including the auto industry, industrial manufacturing, and more. All before it became commonplace in our everyday lives. It even tried to make a breakthrough into the regular consumer’s sphere just a few years back, but it wasn’t adopted very well at the time.

What changed that? Two things: The further advancement of modern cellphones and—you guessed it before I even got there—the 2020 pandemic-fueled drive for contactless business solutions.

a description of QR codes: QR codes mean quick reference. A barcode-like code created in 1994 that allows humans to access the information stored in code form.

These days, QR codes are perfectly situated. Almost everyone has a cellphone that can scan a QR code with just their camera app.

But how do they work?

It’s actually deceptively simple. Their function is a lot like that of barcodes. Each black square on a QR code pattern some information. When put together in the right pattern, a QR reader determines what information the code represents and reflects that information for its human operator.

That’s it! There’s no fancy wireless technology or other high-tech operation at work. It’s basically just a complex-looking barcode.

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How to Use QR Codes at Your Self Storage Facility

There’s one obvious way that QR codes benefit your self storage business: improving self-service options.

Maybe you’re running your facility remotely without on-site managers regularly available to rent out units or accept payments. Maybe you just want to offer a contactless rental flow for customers that would appreciate the convenience and automation.

QR codes can help you tackle all of these scenarios and more.

Regardless of why you want to improve self-service at your storage facility, QR codes are a great way to make it happen. They require less maintenance than some other options, such as kiosks, they have fewer costs associated with their use, and they don’t require power or internet connections to implement.

By using the right QR code setup with the right self storage software and website, there is a wide variety of ways that you can enable your customers to help themselves more quickly than they could be helped even by someone on-site.

You can even use these QR codes at facilities that typically offer on-site help for renting and paying. This provides a great way for customers that come after hours—due to work or other obligations—to still be able to rent their unit or pay their bill.

Here are some ideas for how to make use of QR codes:

  • Place a QR code at your office door or another visible location for after-hours rentals and payments
  • Place a QR code on a sign near the gate for rentals at automated facilities
  • Include QR codes inside of each storage unit that link to a form where tenants can notify you of their move-out
  • Place QR codes throughout your facility that lead to surveys or relevant information, such as info for protection plans
  • Use an app that assigns unique—and rotating—QR codes to authenticate customer entry/exit.
  • Anywhere a customer could have questions that aren’t easily answered via signage, use a QR code with instructions

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Should You Use a QR Code?

Using a QR code or not really comes down to your facility, your customers, and your needs.

QR codes have a variety of useful applications in the self storage industry, but there are definitely scenarios where it doesn’t make sense to put effort into creating, printing, and displaying them.

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If you do choose to use a QR code for your self storage business, keep in mind that an additional benefit of dynamic QR codes is the ability to track their usage. This means you can keep track of how often they are used and determine if it’s having the effect you want!

If your QR code isn’t getting the usage you would hope for, it could imply you’re missing one of the above best practices or that your customers just aren’t interested in QR codes!

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