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Selecting the Right Delivery System for Your Portable Storage Business

August 6, 2019


Selecting the Right Delivery System for Your Portable Storage Business

4 min

Investing in portable storage containers could put you on the map in many ways. Why stay fixed when you can move with your customers—literally?

Pinpointing a few benefits and requirements of a portable self storage business will be an overview of how you would be making the right business decision.

By delving deeper into the nuances of portable self storage will be how you make sure you are making the best business decisions.

The distinctions to focus on to directly deliver a quality service are the modes of transporting the containers to customers.

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Portable Storage Business Benefits

Investing in a portable storage business might strike one as a risky endeavor, especially considering the liability of mobile assets.

However, portable storage containers present both business owners and potential customers with greater flexibility in many ways.

Here are a few benefits of a portable storage business that expand what a traditional self storage facility can offer:


Attract more customers -

Fixed or mobile containers add inventory, which means increased revenue. Portable containers and companies brands can work together to diversify and enter into new markets.

Moving is part of the reality of today’s working population. Storing valuables in a fixed location won’t necessarily attract roaming customers, but adding a feature that will travel with them can make a world of difference.


Lift your bottom line -

Don’t limit the business to what’s on-site. Portable storage containers are a versatile way to increase revenue without the need to invest in more property, construction fees, or building permits.

Variety is a key in a consumer-driven industry. When a business has more ways to satisfy and fix problems for their clientele, the more steady operations will become.

With the apparent benefits covered, it's essential to set a baseline for what investors should consider what a portable storage business operations need.


Requirements for a Successful Portable Storage Business

You can refine what you have or make concise decisions when you know exactly what you need to begin.


The first requirement is available storage space.

You do need somewhere to store the empty or filled storage units. This location could be at a fixed site like an existing facility or off-site somewhere nearby.


Size and price variety is the next critical element.

Having options will allow customers to make informed decisions and feel they are dealing with a considerate and caring operator.


Flexible and transparent scheduling is paramount in portable storage.

Have precise times and rental periods as well as relevant time constraints and expectations, so that customer service is easily delivered as well as quality containers.


Another requirement to consider is investing in a reliable portable storage delivery system.

Besides the portable storage container itself, this aspect provides value by being how storage is delivered to and from customers.

Picking an appropriate delivery system is dictated by your operations, customers preferences and uses, and other factors.


Portable Storage Delivery Systems

There are three major delivery systems available for portable storage units: a "rollback" tow truck, a "semi-trailer" truck, or "mule" delivery.

Rollback tow trucks are often toting vehicles to and from service shops.

Similar to flat-bed tow trucks, these rollback trucks have a maneuverable platform that tilts up, like a dump truck. Portable storage units can easily fit onto these trucks, but the tilting method can be detrimental in some cases.

Customers who store fragile valuables that need to stay upright may be wary of this transportation method.

Alternatively, rollback trucks can be more affordable to gas-guzzling semi-trailer trucks, even across short distances.

Occasionally the size of a container is much too big for a rollback, and then the semi-trailer truck delivery system is preferred to maintain safety.

Having the ability to keep belongings upright and stable if necessary, could attract more customers. These trucks themselves are more substantial, so they need more space in storage, on location, and when thinking about how and where they will be maneuvered.

The last delivery system differentiates from the others with how it moves the portable container on and off.

Choosing mule delivery will ensure your belongings are as upright as physically possible, both in loading and unloading.

The “mule” component of this method describes the forklift-like equipment used in the pick-up and delivery process.

The mule’s lifting arms stabilize the portable unit, while swivel wheels allow the mule to maneuver in and out of tight spaces. This benefit adds further versatility.

Some companies have even come up with a wheeled, standalone device that captures the portable unit to lift it vertically onto an awaiting truck bed.




Planning and finalizing every decision when investing and starting a business venture becomes tiring after awhile.

It can become challenging to know whether all of the decisions were the best possible or if every facet will even work together.

Thankfully in self storage, there are so many places and existing resources to provide tested and applicable knowledge.

As you get closer to opening the doors of your portable self storage operation focus on the aspects of your business that provide measurable value to your potential customers.

Conduct all the fact-finding needed to make thoughtful decisions. For a portable business, the delivery methods are; rollback, semi-trailer, or mule truck delivering.

Choosing the correct and most appropriate delivery system for your containers will be a step closer to delivering the containers to customers on time, to the specific location, with the size they desire.



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