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Is AdWords worth it for Self Storage?

July 28, 2018

Google Adwords is an extremely popular online marketing tool for self storage. The goal of AdWords is to drive new traffic to your self storage website so they can rent units online.
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Google Adwords is an extremely popular online marketing tool for self storage.

The goal of AdWords is to drive new traffic to your self storage website so they can rent units online

This rate is usually “CPC” or cost per click (how much it cost per click through to your website).

The CPC varies per keyword, typically more competitive, higher converting keywords cost more.

You can assume these are the ones you want from a business perspective.

An example being “web developers Knoxville”, this CPC is around $23.

You can see how this is an expensive problem if you’re only converting 1% of website visitors.

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How well is your website converting?

I’ll make this as simple as possible:

According to Wordstream, The average landing page conversion rate is 2.35%

You want to be in the top 10% or 11.45% or higher

Having a higher conversion rate equals your website converting traffic better.

Simple enough right?

To find a rough estimation of your conversion rate, simply divide the website leads you get, by the amount of traffic directed to your website or webpage.

The result should give you an indication of how well your website is converting and rather or not spending money for a click is worth it.

Google analytics is a quality, free tool for analyzing website traffic.

At StoragePug you can log into your Facility Dashboard to view all the analytics for your website along with the events that happen on it.

How do I get my self storage website to convert rentals from AdWords?

A high converting website starts with high-quality web development.

If the price is more than you expected, evaluate your budget, and make the move.

Spending money on your website is worth it.

At StoragePug our websites rent our clients 1-2 units a month without any AdWord spend.

If your website brings 1-2 rentals a month at $100 per unit.

The average stay of a tenant is 10 months.

That is $1000-$2000 in total revenue for your facility, just from your website!!

Investing in a high quality website affects your entire self storage facility.

It affects how well your SEO or social media campaigns are going, it affects conversions through Adwords.

As a rule of thumb, if you’re not a web developer, don’t just get some Wordpress theme and expect to compete in your industry.

You should get a professional web developer.

You want a website that functions

Offer rentals right on your website!

Along with rentals you can have tenants sign their lease on your website, offer discounts & promotions and take payments.

Maintaining and developing a proper website is also a lot of work, something that should be left to an experience professional.

Until you do this, running an Adwords campaign will prove costly.

If your website does not turn web traffic into rentals talk to us!

We would love to help you get set up to maximize your storage facilities profits through your website!

How to get a high converting site part 2 (Content)

Bill Gates coined the popular saying: “content is king”.

This couldn’t be more true than with website conversions.

Better content = better conversions.

You can have world greatest web developer but if the content is lacking, your conversions will be lacking.

How to get a high converting site part 3 (Feedback)

Looking at stats is a form of feedback, but how about just asking people?

That’s right just ask them what they think about your site from the perspective of a consumer.

Ask them to be as honest as possible.

The feedback you are getting from your tenants is the most important feedback you can get!

You can ask in person, or try asking in a forum in your industry.

If you ask enough people, and they start saying the same problem, that’s probably a problem.

Keep in mind making a website is all about striving for perfection; even the best websites on the internet don’t convert 100% of visitors.

Every little improvement you make to a website can be a big difference in the grand scheme of your storage facility.


Determining weather Adwords is worth it for your self-storage facility or not comes down to one factor: your websites’ conversion rate.

Creating a high converting website is certainly easier said than done.

So are AdWords worth it for your self storage website?

Yes! But it's important that you have a good website to convert your web traffic into paying tenants!

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