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Security with SSL Encryption

April 25, 2018

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SSL: Secure Sockets Layer. Maybe you have heard the term, and maybe you even know how to tell if a website is using SSL. If you don't the way to tell is checking the browser bar.

There will be "https://" in the beginning of the URL instead of just "http://." SSL is vital in keeping the data transfer between your browser and a website's host secure and protected.

When you are offering online rentals you must make sure your website is secure!

Why SSL and HTTPS Matter

First and foremost, SSL is important for any website that handles sensitive information such as personal data or credit card information.

According to Hubspot, up to 85% of people will not continue browsing if a site is not secure. This means that it is common knowledge that a website should transfer data securely.

Second, it boost SEO! Since 2014, Google has been using SSL as a ranking signal.

Rightly so, as SSL makes a website more trustworthy; therefore it would deserve a better rank on Google.

How Does SSL Protect a Website?

SSL encrypts the exchange of data between a website and a visitor. This means that during transmission, the data is garbled up and only usable on each end.

If it weren't, the data would be susceptible to man-in-the-middle attacks. Click the link or check out the image below for more information.


Man in the middle attack chart from Net Gains


How StoragePug Uses SSL

At StoragePug, we ensure all of our sites, databases, API calls, and any other infrastructure securely communicate. For all of out clients, HTTPS is the default, and HTTP can't even be used. We are serious when it comes to security online, and we make sure that our clients can pass on the same experience to their customers.

If you are unclear about this post, check out this video from ssl.com.

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