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Top 11 Ways to Convert Online Leads into Self Storage Tenants

May 19, 2021

4 min

If you’ve invested in your self storage website or your marketing strategies, self storage online leads will be arriving at your website. At this point, the focus shifts to converting online leads into storage unit rentals.

In this article, we’ll look at some of the reasons why people drop off during the online rental process, and we'll focus on how to increase your move-in rate. After all, if you’ve invested in driving online leads to your website, you want to be sure to convert them into tenants.

1: Fast-Loading Website

A fast-loading website is critical. A study by the Aberdeen Group found that for every one-second delay in your page load time, there is a 7% decrease in conversion rates. This means that your website needs to load quickly—otherwise you risk losing your hard-won leads. Ideally, your website should load within 1 to 2 seconds.

2: Easy to Navigate Website Design

Once visitors arrive at your website, you have 15 to 20 seconds to make a good impression. This means your website must be easy to navigate and provide critical information on the home page—including strong calls to action, high-quality photos or video of your facility, highlights of your property amenities, and information on storage unit pricing and availability.

3: Mobile-Friendly Website

Many of your self storage online leads will be using mobile devices (e.g., phones and tablets). This means that your website—including all aspects of your online rental process—must be optimized for use on mobile devices. Mobile-friendly means that your website looks good on a variety of mobile devices without the user having to zoom in or adjust settings. 

4: Clear Calls to Action (CTAs)

A call to action (CTA) on a self storage website usually takes the form of a button that says something like “Rent your storage unit” or “Reserve now.” Whether a visitor is coming from self storage online ads, your Google My Business listing, or an organic SEO search, having several prominent CTA buttons on your home page (and the other pages of your website) will encourage them to take the desired action of renting a unit using your online rental system. The best CTAs are:

  • visually striking and big enough to see without detracting from the rest of your content
  • action-oriented (i.e., begin with action words such as “rent” or “reserve”)
  • short and easy to understand (five words or less)
  • easy to find and appear a few times on each page.

5: Easy Online Rentals

Having a user-friendly online rental system is the most critical part of converting self storage online leads into self storage tenants. After all, when a visitor rents a storage unit online, it takes them off the market and turns them into your tenant.

Make sure your online rental system allows users to:

  • find and choose the right unit for them
  • easily upgrade amenities
  • clearly understand what they're getting, how much they're being charged, and when
  • complete the whole process of renting a storage unit with just a few clicks

It is also important that your online rental system doesn’t contain surprises (such as hidden fees or higher rates than those posted), which can lead users to abandon the checkout process.

6: Clear and Accurate Rate Information

Providing up-to-date rate information is critical. Accurate rates allow visitors to make an informed decision and encourages them to rent a unit on your site—thereby taking them off the market.

Displaying discounts is another way to encourage visitors to become tenants, especially when combined with the next item on the list—urgency badges.

7: Urgency Badges

Urgency badges encourage visitors to take immediate action and rent a storage unit on your website. An urgency badge is a little graphic that shows how many of a particular type of storage unit is available to rent. It might say something such as “Only 2 units left.” When combined with a discount, urgency badges compel visitors to complete an online rental sooner rather than later.

8: Customer Testimonials and Reviews

Sharing customer testimonials and reviews on your website is another powerful tool for converting self storage online leads into tenants. After all, it offers “social proof” that others found your self storage facility to be a good place to store their belongings. Many people don’t make online purchases without reading reviews so why not make it easier by providing reviews directly on your website?

9: Size Guide

Your self storage website should include a size guide that shows the different sizes and types of storage units that your facility offers. A visual representation of what fits into different size storage units is most effective. Accompanying these graphics with phrases such as “can fit the contents of an entire house” or “similar in size to a walk-in closet” helps visitors get a clearer idea of which size storage unit will work best for their needs.

10: Storage Help

Along with a size guide, providing other information about storing at your facility (such as FAQs, Storage Tips, and Contact Information) keeps your leads from leaving your site if they have questions or need additional information. 

11: Form Abandonment Minimization

Form abandonment (when an online shopper goes through part of the checkout process but does not complete the transaction) happens between 60% to 80% of the time in online shopping. There are multiple reasons why this happens, but the tips below will help to minimize form abandonment.

  • Keep the online rental process on your site. Customers don’t like getting redirected to another site to complete rentals.
  • Keep the process simple. Make sure users can check out with just a few clicks. If the process becomes too long or complicated, your leads may abandon the process.
  • Don’t surprise customers with different rates or hidden fees. We’ve already discussed the importance of having accurate rates, and this is one of the reasons for it. Potential customers often abandon the rental process if they encounter higher than expected rates or unexpected fees.
  • Have a progress indicator. This lets users know where they are in the rental process and how much longer they can expect the process to take.
  • Make sure your pages load quickly. Carts are often abandoned if a page won’t load quickly or there are other website issues.
  • Include strong CTAs during the rental process.  An example might be a button saying “Checkout” or “Complete Your Storage Unit Rental.”


In this article, we looked at how to convert your self storage online leads into tenants. In summary, you can increase your online conversion rate by ensuring that:

  • your website loads quickly and is optimized for mobile devices
  • your online rental process can be completed with a few clicks
  • potential customers can find everything they need on your site 
  • prominent CTAs guide users to your online rental process
  • your rates are accurate and up-to-date.

By taking these actions—and using marketing techniques such as urgency badges and minimizing issues that lead to rental abandonment—you’ll ensure that more of your self storage online leads become satisfied tenants.

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