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Top Self Storage Virtual Conferences and Webinars in 2020

March 17, 2020

7 min

With many self storage conferences cancelled this Spring 2020, self storage owners, managers, and investors are forced to look elsewhere to get the latest news and updates on the industry. 

Fortunately, the education train doesn't have to stop just because the major conferences are cancelled! With support from industry pros, peers, and self storage associations, there's a number of educational resources available to all self storage operators.  

Plus, virtual conferences are perfect for a wide range of topics from all areas of self storage, including Legal, Financing/Lending, Operations, Hiring, Management Tools, Marketing, Technology, Trends, and more.

Self Storage Virtual Conferences and Webinars

Past Self Storage Virtual Conferences and Webinars

March Events

April Events

Are you planning to host a Virtual Conference for Self Storage? Send us a message at hello@storagepug.com. We'll be happy to help promote it!

Why Virtual Conferences for Self Storage?


No Travel

What’s better than a room full of industry pros and peers discussing all things self storage? A “virtual room” of pros and peers! You can attend the virtual conference from the comfort of your office, home, or even a coffee shop. Plus, no flying needed! 


Industry Pros and Peers

Industry pros share their experience and expertise in self storage. Hear not only from self storage vendors but also your peers: owners, operators, managers, and investors who face the same issues as you, have the same questions, or might even offer a solution you haven’t thought of!


Free for Everyone

Continuous education is a key to success in a rapidly growing and changing industry. Access to virtual conferences and webinars is typically free of charge, and you can tune in from any device, any time! Many facilities can only afford to send one person at a time. With a self storage virtual conference, the entire team can attend!