Portable Storage: The Versatile and Scalable Hobby Business You Didn't Know Was Possible

July 16, 2019

3 min

If you want to start a versatile, scalable hobby business, you could hardly do better than to take on self storage. Set up an instantly thriving enterprise with portable storage.

Okay, maybe not instant. Nothing good in life is going to happen without a little effort.

In this fast-paced, cut-throat world, portable storage is one niche where there’s plenty of room for growth.


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What makes portable storage such a great hobby business? Here are a few reasons:


Base It Anywhere

Self storage has a small footprint, but the footprint of your new portable storage business can be even smaller. No structure building is necessary: all you need is real estate—somewhere, anywhere—to store unrented containers.

The only amenity to add for comfort is a home office from which to manage a website, delivering, and sales.




The closer the base of operations is to the majority of clients, the less distance to move those containers— but anywhere in a thirty-mile radius is a standard radius of procedures in portable storage.


Scale It As You Want It

You don’t have to start as a massive operation. A few containers will allow for supply and rotation. Have a look at available resources, find out how much space is open, how many containers you can afford to go with, and start there.

Start with a minimal service radius; then expand larger as you feel ready to commit more time and resources to satisfy more customers simultaneously.

A half dozen containers on an empty lot is a perfectly reasonable start to a new portable storage business, so long as you’re willing to put in the customer service hours needed to gain a reputable name.

A small start has an unusually high potential if in an area with a smaller population.

More prominent brands will tend to stick to high population areas; therefore, as a rural provider, you have a captive, exclusive audience.

Your new business can be as labor intensive as you choose. You can hire workers to help maintain and deliver containers, staff the operation with willing family members, or be a single person workhorse depending on physical capabilities.


Take Advantage of Trends

Portable storage is a newer trend, but it is one that is gaining popularity among movers across the country. And not only movers.

It’s also a handy option for start-up businesses that don’t have enough storage space for their products, for families remodeling their home, or even for people putting a home on the market who want to ‘declutter’ for staging open houses.

Tiny house living and Marie Kondo-style downsizing are the new cool thing in many circles, but we aren’t all ready to stuff half of our possessions into black trash bags and take them to the city dump.

Even consumers wanting to experiment with a minimalist lifestyle, but aren’t ready to take irreversible steps; then portable storage containers can help to reorganize their lives while keeping their belongings at arm’s length.


Use Your Free Time to Market

Have a look at our marketing recommendations for portable storage, but if you’re in a hurry, here’s what to know: two big client pull-ins will be the internet and containers themselves, and both of those are well suited for a hobby business.

Work with a company to build and design a fast-loading, visually appealing website full of relevant information, get it noticed by Google and other search engines, post regularly, and you’ll have conquered the web.

Then paint advertising billboards on the sides of strategically placed containers to reach the non-virtual world too.

With low start-up costs and no specialized skills needed, portable storage can be a methodical experiment in entrepreneurship: the ideal “Mom and Pop,” Father/Son business for the new millennia.



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