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Monitoring your Reviews

October 24, 2018

Monitoring your online reviews@4x
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When it comes to your storage facility's search rankings, it's important to know two things: where you show up and how you show up. The most prominent part of how a self storage facility shows up is its reviews. 

Regardless of where the search result is from, the review rating tends to be the most prominent piece.

Local Search Results

Where Online Reviews Live

The five top review websites are: Google My Business, Yelp, Facebook, sparefoot.com and SelfStorage.com

Google My Business is the name for the part of search where a local business's information shows up. Because it controls what Googlers who are looking for self storage see first, it is a cornerstone of SEO. 

Google is arguably the most important place to get reviews because of its influence on local SEO. 

On the map in phone screenshot, each red dot represents a relevant result. The three listings are what show up as map markers. Secured Self Storage and Consolidated Storage show up due to their proximity to the search location. Morristown Self Storage shows up due to having the most reviews in town. The spot-on domain name (www.morristowntnstorage.com) doesn't hurt either.

Yelp is probably the most known of all review websites. It has an average of 32 million visitors using their app alone. 72 million visitors visit their desktop website. On a Yelp listing you can you can upload photos, set your hours, offer specials and promotions, and respond to reviews.

Facebook business pages are moving away from star ratings and are moving towards a yes/no structure called Recommendations. One nice feature of having a Facebook Business listing is the ability to hide a low rating until you reach a higher rating.

If you use Sparefoot or SelfStorage.com to list your storage units, reviews there are essential as well to keep up with to attract new and potential tenants. On a website that lists just storage facilities, outstanding reviews will make you stand out.

How to Keep Up 

Have you searched for 'self storage' or similar terms from areas around your business? If not, you should try it now (explained below) or on your phone next time you are in the area (or both!) Additionally, search for your storage facility by name.

Next, make a list of any search result that includes a review rating (on the search result, or on the page when you follow the link). Bookmark them or write them down, whichever works the best for you.

Once you've saved your list somewhere, check these places daily. Whether it's a part of yours or your manager's daily routine, be sure to stay up-to-date on how your facility's ratings are doing.

Responding to Reviews

Always respond to reviews.

If it is a good review, show that person appreciation for taking the time to recognize your storage business in a helpful way. It also helps by showing other readers that you care enough to keep up with your reputation.

If it is a bad review, respond thoughtfully and professionally. Do whatever is necessary to make the situation right. Read this article for other tips on how to respond to bad reviews.

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