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Key Release Form [Free Download]

May 6, 2022

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"Hey, is it ok if my dad comes and gets something out of my unit? Actually, can you just give him a key?"

Self storage operators aren't in the habit of giving out extra keys to their units. Not only does it feel risky to give more people access to your storage units, it's an extra bit of paperwork that you don't really want to do. 

Our handy Key Release Form makes the paperwork part a bit easier. This customizable form collects the necessary information and secures written permission to give out an extra key, so you don't have to worry any more than necessary.

The key release form is part of our Self Storage Operator's Toolkit, a set of forms designed by self storage pros to save time and reduce errors. With the Toolkit, you've got a folder of ready-made forms that you can easily customize to meet your needs, so you don't waste time picking fonts and running spellcheck when you've got more important stuff to do.

Get free checklists, templates, and forms with our Self Storage Operator  Toolkit

It's important to keep track of who has keys to all of your self storage units, obviously. It can also be helpful to know who has requested this service and to have their signature on file stating that they understand the risks involved. Record-keeping doesn't have to be a pain; just get them to fill out a key release form!

Storage-Specific Key Release Form

Not only does keeping good records of key releases protect you from later complaints, but it also helps you remember to get all the correct information. These customizable forms can be modified to include spaces for any bits of information you find useful.

Key Release Form Snippet

The default key release form has room for identifying information from the renting tenant, the additional guest, and your operation. It also has space for the tenant's signature and the signature of the manager who has approved the key release, so you'll know whom to talk to if there are questions later. 

This is only applicable if you provide keys and locks to your self storage units, of course. If the customer supplies their own lock, they probably won't ask you if someone else can come by. This can get complicated when cars and people you don't know are on your property. Asking customers to let you know if someone else will have access to the unit can help ensure you know who's going to be around.

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Why Do I Need a Key Release Form?

Self storage liability is always a concern. Documenting whom you've given access to, who requested that access, and getting the tenant's signature will go a long way to protecting you from any liability claims later on.

On the other hand, the Key Release Form enables you to offer your guests a better customer experience. It's an easy way to show them that you're responsive to their needs, without exposing yourself to legal danger.

Offer great customer service without having to spend time coming up with forms! Our Operator's Toolkit is a great set of self storage-specific checklists and sheets given to us by some of the best in the business.

Get free checklists, templates, and forms with our Self Storage Operator  Toolkit

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