Former Customer Survey [Free Self Storage Download]

February 25, 2022

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Just because your tenant has moved out doesn't mean they should be entirely off your radar.

You should make sure to have your former customers do two things: leave a review and help you improve your business by giving you direct feedback. The best way to do the latter is with some kind of survey—and luckily, our friends at STORExpress have supplied us with the survey template they use! Find it as part of our Operator Toolkit

Former Customer Survey

Feedback from your customers—both new and old—is an important way to improve your business.

Over 90% of customers that are unhappy with your service will leave without even letting you know anything is wrong. One way to prompt them to give feedback, thus helping you address things that may lose you tenants, is with an exit survey.


You can even automate this process if you have the right self storage software! Perhaps your self storage property management software or other software you use can be set to send customers a survey via text or email upon a completed move-out.

When it comes to the survey itself, we've got just what you need to get started with our Former Customer Survey, part of our Operator Toolkit!

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Why should you care?

So, why should you care about what your former customer has to say?

After all, they've moved out. They're no longer a tenant, and your responsibility should be to current and future tenants, right?

That's right! And as part of that responsibility to your current and future tenants, you should use the experiences of your past tenants to inform your business. A problem impacting a recent move-out will also likely be a problem for other tenants, and it may be something you want to change before you lose anyone else.

Here are some ways that properly utilizing a former customer survey helps your self storage business:

  • Improve your business and the customer journey for current and future tenants
  • Show past tenants you are listening, increasing the chance they come back when in need
  • Decrease the chances that an unhappy customer spreads bad reviews by giving them a place to air their grievances

All of these benefits stem from one thing: a better customer experience. And a better customer experience is shown to help up to 81% of businesses outperform their competition.

Keep your customers happier with this and more templates from our Operator Toolkit.

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