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Self Storage Facility Purchase Welcome Letter [Free Download]

April 8, 2022

Facility Purchase Welcome Letter
3 min

You’ve just closed on a new self storage facility. You’re sitting in the middle of a tornado of paperwork, signing, sealing, and delivering. You’re certain that you’ll be able to boost the financials of this facility, but you've got your work cut out for you.

Then it hits you - not only do you need to get all the current tenants to sign a new rental agreement, but you also need to let them know why.

Don’t worry! You’re not the first self storage operator to run into this issue. We’ve got a Facility Purchase Welcome Letter template that you can customize in minutes, then get back to improving your new facility.

StoragePug’s Self Storage Operator's Toolkit contains more than a dozen customizable documents, templates, and checklists that will save you time and stress. I’ve yet to meet a self storage operator with too much time on their hands–don’t waste yours writing a letter when you don’t have to.

Get free checklists, templates, and forms with our Self Storage Operator  Toolkit

If you want to add a personal touch to welcome your new tenants to your business, you still can. This letter is only a template, and you’re free to customize it however you like once you’ve downloaded it. However, do consider that this will be your first interaction with a brand new customer base. There’s a lot of information you’ll want to convey, and you’ll want to keep the tone pretty professional. There’ll be plenty of time to get to know your new tenants later!

Facility Purchase Welcome Letter Template

Purchasing a new facility is exciting and stressful in equal parts. You’ve got a million things to check, sign, and send. Our Self Storage Operator's Toolkit will help you get stuff done in record time. The Facility Purchase Welcome Letter is just one of the many things that you’ll no longer have to start from scratch.

The letter starts with a simple introduction, telling the reader what exactly is happening as you acquire the facility. It follows up with a small paragraph dedicated to explaining your experience, so your new tenants know that they’re in good hands. The body paragraph explains that they will need to sign a new rental agreement, and emphasizes when you’ll need it.

All of this is done in a polite, professional, and friendly manner, setting you off on the right foot. The letter finishes off with your contact information, an acknowledgment of the previous owners, and a welcome to the new team. 

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Do I Really Need a Welcome Letter for M Self Storage Facility?

You will need some way to communicate to your newly acquired tenants that they should pay you and not the previous owners. And you’ll need to explain that there’s a new rental agreement to be signed. 

What that letter looks like is up to you! However, if composing detailed and intricate missives doesn’t spark joy, this template gets the job done and lets you get back to work on running the facility.

The best part is, that once you customize this letter to include the appropriate dates and names, you’re ready to go. You can simply print off as many copies of your customized version as you need, stick them with the welcome packet, and get moving.

If you plan on sending an electronic welcome letter instead, it’s easy to copy-paste the text from this template into an email or other document. 

This letter, along with all the other helpful pieces in the Self Storage Operator’s Toolkit, is designed to save you time and mental energy. Use your focus and your hours to better effect by taking advantage of the knowledge and generosity of other self storage pros!

Don’t reinvent the wheel–download our Operator’s Toolkit today!

Get free checklists, templates, and forms with our Self Storage Operator  Toolkit

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