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2020 Resource Round Up

December 22, 2020


2020 Resource Round Up

5 min

With 2020 winding down, we thought it only appropriate to gather up some of our favorite resources from the year. Gabfocus Session Videos, eBooks, Checklists, and everything in between.

The Winter months are a perfect time to brush up on your self storage knowledge and work on those digital to-do lists. We hope these resources give you everything you need to prepare for an awesome 2021!

Your Favorite (Most Watched) Gabfocus Sessions

This year, we hosted over 20 free, virtual workshops called Gabfocus Sessions.

Each Session, we'd choose an important self storage topic, invite in experts from the field to discuss, and answer Live Q&As from attendees. They are packed with helpful insights! Don't forget to sign up for our Event Announcements for news about next year.

Here are our most viewed Sessions of 2020.  You can watch them and all our On Demand videos for free 👍


Maximize Your Online Exposure
with Jennifer Perkins, Chad Lundberg, Jess Casto, & Christina Alvino

What are cost-effective ways to advertise online, especially during the COVID-19 pandemic? What tools are available to get more reviews? Should I use social media? Our panelists dive into the world of Google and share best practices for facilities large and small. Watch this Session


Be Ready: Storage Law & Legal Preparation
with Scott Zucker & Melissa Huff

Our legal experts, Scott Zucker and Melissa Huff, break down how to navigate the CARES Act, PPP funding, evictions, lien sales, and employee liabilities as an operator during COVID-19. Panelists share best practices for understanding each state's legal restrictions and regulations dealing with tenants as well as the benefits of e-signature for rental agreements. Watch this Session

Value Pricing-What should I charge Banner

Value Pricing: What should I charge?
with Warren Lieberman & Jim Mooney

Knowing what to charge is one of the core decisions a facility has to make. How do you find the sweet spot? More and more facilities are trying out value-based pricing. In this Session, we dig deeper into the challenges around pricing, how value pricing works, and how it can be implemented into your facility. Watch this Session

Making Yourself a Company Asset: Manager Session
with Cindy Ashby & Melissa Huff 

In this session, Cindy Ashby and Melissa Huff break down the fundamentals that every self storage manager should know. Panelists also discuss roles and responsibilities managers should possess, tenant relations, employee growth, and best practices to take ownership and set obtainable goals. Watch this Session


Keep it Quick

Don't have time to watch a full Session? We get it. You're busy running your self storage empire. Well, we also have plenty of awesome resources that get right to the point.

Here are our favorite video highlights and checklists from the year:

Spotlight-Value Features-Blog Banner

Gabfocus Spotlight: What features make a unit more valuable?with Warren Lieberman

What makes a unit valuable to a customer? It may be more than just the dimensions of the space. Warren Lieberman of Veritec Solutions shares some value pricing features that could make units special to certain customers. Watch this Spotlight


Gabfocus Spotlight: What can I do to create a better tenant experience?
with Melissa Huff

Melissa Huff, owner of MR Management and Consulting, gives her insight into some best practices for tenant orientation and on-boarding. Watch this Spotlight


Top 10 Digital Assets - Cover with shadow

Top 10 Digital Assets to Keep Track of Checklist

Whether you’re a new owner or you’ve had your facility for years, keeping track of your digital assets is key.

Nothing is worse than spending time finding photos or having to recreate designs you already paid for. Going through this checklist is a great way to make sure your digital assets are right where they need to be!

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Top 10 Best Podcasts and Books for Self Storage Managers

As a manager, your qualities as a business leader and storage expert are what make or break your facility. You’re making decisions across a range of topics from marketing to sales to HR to maintenance. So, how do you do your best work and how do you get better at it?

We've gathered our Top 10 Podcasts and Books to help self storage managers take their storage expertise and business knowledge to the next level.

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Dig in!

Looking for a deep dive? You've come to the right place. Expertise takes time, and our eBooks will help.  Dig in to our latest guides or go explore our whole eBook collection.

Magic of Photo and Video Cover - Dropshadow

The Magic of Photography and Videography eBook

We’ve all heard the saying “A picture is worth a thousand words.” This is especially true for modern marketing websites, Google My Business Listings, and social media.

Learn how photos and videos can support your marketing efforts and drive more rentals!

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Self Storage Marketing Playbook

Good Marketing is a key ingredient of any successful self storage facility.

In this extensive eBook Guide, we cover 7 major categories of marketing, from digital to physical, from your website to Google. Whether you're brand new to the industry or you're a seasoned pro, this eBook is chock full of important self storage marketing information, guidelines, and best practices.

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Be Ready for 2021

One of the hardest parts of self storage is its seasonality. Depending on where your facilities are, you know there are usually peaks and valleys year over year.

If you're experiencing a lull during the Winter months, it's a perfect time to learn, improve, and get ready for an awesome 2021.

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