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Obtaining Positive Reviews for Self Storage Facilities

July 17, 2018

Due to the high rate of internet access and social media, word-of-mouth can be the word of life or death for many businesses.
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77% of the US population use social media. Word-of-mouth has the power to influence communities. 

91 percent of people regularly or occasionally read online reviews, and 84 percent trust online reviews as much as a personal recommendation.

Usually, a good experience travels slow at first and gains momentum over time. It takes time, but can help with marketing significantly.

When a tenant has a bad experience they tell their friends about it immediately. 

One badly handled negative review can spiral out control and become “death by a thousand cuts.”

Many businesses have been badly damaged by poor reputation management.

Today social media one of the biggest areas of reputation is online reviews.

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Brush Fire vs Candles

68 percent of people form an opinion after reading between one and six online reviews.

If you have ever shopped on Amazon, you have surely been in this situation: you’re not sure about an item, so you read through the reviews for that it.

Too many negatives, and you are not likely to buy it.

This same idea can be extended to the self storage industry.

The problem is, bad reviews can often trash a storage facility’s reputation before 20 satisfied customers can even ponder giving a positive review.

A negative experience and negative review is a match thrown onto dry brush in the middle of a forest.  

The negative review will spread like a wildfire, unlike the positive reviews. The challenge we have to address is how to spread the positivity faster.

Preaching the Gospel

We’re actually not referring to any religious text here. The word gospel means “good news.”

If you consistently provide a great customer experience, customers will become evangelists for your business. In time, enough will post on social media channels and other review platforms.

There are a few ways to speed up the process of burnishing your reputations? Here are some quick ideas:

Strategic Timing

The best time to ask a customer for a review is at the height of their experience. In the storage industry, that tends to be after completing a rental or moving it.

Follow-up emails

When someone rents from you or pays a rental bill online, send a follow-up email within a couple of days, thanking them for their patronage and asking them to submit a review of their experience.

Personal touch 

Lots of companies send text messages and emails, but what about an old-fashioned phone call?

Contacting your new clients and thanking them personally can be a big boon for you, because many people appreciate a personal touch these days.

As you talk, you can encourage them to give you a positive review.

Asking them a few short questions directly to get their direct feedback – then you could turn that feedback into a testimonial on your website or Facebook page.


Google and Yelp are very popular review sites, and Google is especially important because more reviews can mean more attractive listings on the search results.

Putting a direct link on your website for tenants to go directly to Google or Yelp to submit reviews can be convenient for them.

After all, not many people will make the effort themselves to go to those sites, so you have to make it easy for them.

Other social media

Telling your clients about your presence on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and the like, and asking them to follow you can provide you opportunities to give a “thank you “ post on your page about a new customer, which then may prompt that customer to respond back with a positive review on your wall or in your news feed.

Social engagement can be a positive review almost as much as an actual review!

It takes a lot of work to have a positive reputation!

Because of the speed in which negative information spreads, it could take 10 or more positive reviews to balance out one negative, so it is important to motivate all the positive experiences to follow through with reviews.

That means making it easy for them to submit a review to Google, Yelp, or a social media page.

Using a personal touch with follow-up phone calls or emails can go a long way toward keeping your self storage facility front-of-mind with positive reputation.

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