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7 Ways to Get Your Self Storage Customers to Refer New Tenants [Self Storage Marketing]

July 24, 2018

As the manager or owner of a self storage facility, you know that referrals are useful for growing your list of tenants.  Referrals from friends are the most credible form of advertising among consumers.
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StoragePug is a modern marketing company for self storage. We create intelligent marketing websites that allow you to rent units & take payments through your facilities' website. 

As the manager or owner of a self storage facility, you know that referrals are useful for growing your list of tenants. 

Referrals from friends are the most credible form of advertising among consumers. 

A great way to grow your self storage business is to get your current tenants to refer you to their friends

To encourage your self-storage customers to refer new tenants, you just have to provide them with the right incentives. 

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1. Offer a gift card for a successful referral

Everybody loves an Amazon Gift Card.

Offer your tenants a $50 gift card to Amazon for a successful referral.

Amazon lets you send a gift card through a text message.

This way, they can spend the money how they like, as opposed to saving on your self-storage unit.

One reason this can be a particularly useful incentive is that it can even incentivize non-customers to refer your storage facility.

2. Reward Both the Referrer and the New Tenant

You can make your incentive beneficial for both parties involved.

If you offered both people an Amazon Gift Card then the likelihood the rental would go through increases. 

You can also choose to give the person who made the referral a better discount than the new client.

Advertising this reward on your website is a great way to allow them to complete the rental online at their convenience.

3. Offer a Free Month of Rent

A great way to encourage self storage customers to refer new tenants is to offer those who successfully refer someone a free month of storage.

If a motivated tenant is willing to bring more tenants to you, each free month to them will more than pay for itself!

The average length of stay for a self storage tenant is 10 months.

Giving each party a free month will only marginally hurt your net profits.

4. Promote Referrals on Social Media

If your self storage facility has a social media presence, which it should, use it to promote the referrals.

When someone makes a referral and earns a free month, gift card, or check, add a qualifier that they pick it up in person.

That way, you can take a photo to post on your social media pages.

This shows you care about your tenants and publicizes your referral incentive.

5. Ensure Customers Know about the Referral Program

On a related note, make it a point to ensure that customers know that you offer a reward of some sort for referrals.

They will have no reason to recommend people if they do not realize they get a discount or a monetary reward for doing so.

Provide your staff training so they can properly explain the referral program.

Also, post signs about referrals at your storage facility, as well as information on your website.

6. Make a Referral Competition with a Better Reward

If you have concerns about hurting your bottom line by offering referral incentives, you could try a single yet impressive reward for a referral competition instead of everyone making a referral getting a small reward.

Maybe the person with the most referrals each quarter could receive 6 months of rent at 50 percent off.

7. Include a Referral Link or Form on Your Website

Make sure the process of referring new tenants is as easy as possible for existing clients.

To accomplish that, include a link or form on your website or unit rental application.

If current clients can refer someone in a matter of minutes and find the way to do so directly from your self storage website, they are much more likely to follow through.

You can capture referrals through your website the same way that your website is renting units!

Is your facility doing something different to garner referrals? Let us know in the comments!

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