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Contact Information on Self Storage Websites

April 17, 2018

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A primary function for a website is to open up a channel for communication.

It should be effortless to find out relevant contact information on a self storage website.

At StoragePug we believe that when someone comes to self storage websites they should be able to get all the information that they need, without scrolling around and searching for it.

Along with finding contact information you can also offer storage unit rentals on your website! If a potential client is more interested in renting than comparing prices or learning about your facility then let them checkout with an online rental capability.

However, if it is a first time renter or user of self storage, then having a clear place to find a phone number, address, other locations, and email address to get in quick contact with you or a manager will offer enough customer service to be the beginning of a trusted relationship. 

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Make it Easy for a Tenant to Contact You

To make it easy for anyone to make contact with you by finding information on your website, you're going to need to place relevant information in multiple places.

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Whether someone wants to reach Rocky Hill Storage by phone, email, or mail, they will not be hard-pressed to find out the information they need.

To make it even easier, clicking on the phone number will pull up the dialer on the phone and pre-fill it automagically. Clicking on the email address will pull up the default email client and pre-fill the email address "automagically". Unfortunately, we are still working on our teleportation feature when the address is clicked.

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