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10 Benefits of Investing in Portable Storage

October 26, 2018

10 Benefits of Investing in Portable Storage@5x
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Investing in portable storage units is a smart move for self storage facilities. Not convinced? Read on for ten benefits of investing in portable storage.

  1. Portable Storage is scalable
  2. Portable showcases your brand
  3. Portable, as a facility expansion, adds revenue
  4. Portable units rent for a premium among consumers
  5. Portable services widen your scope and radius of operations
  6. Portable storage can satisfy various consumer lifestyles
  7. Portable is new enough to not exist in many saturated markets
  8. Offering Portable units will attract more and new customers
  9. Portable containers can be used as marketing tools
  10. Portable storage users tend to be easier to work with

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Here is that same listen but with a more in depth explanation. 


1. Portable storage is scalable

You can start with a small number of containers and expand as your profits allow. Options for obtaining containers are flexible. Depending on what works best for your facility, you can buy, lease, or rent to own the containers. You can even consider becoming a dealership or franchise for an existing portable storage company.


2. Portable storage is a natural extension of your brand

Most likely, you already have the space to store the containers—either outside or in your facility. As a result, your start-up costs will be minimal—leasing or buying containers, outfitting a truck for delivering and picking up the containers, and adding a staff member or two.


3. Portable storage provides your facility with an additional revenue stream

Read on for how portable storage units command higher rental rates and an expanded customer base.


4. Portable storage units rent for premium rates

Typically, portable units earn two to three times higher than traditional self storage units. You’ll also be able to add on delivery and pick-up fees.

5. Portable storage expands your customer base

Most self storage customers live within 3 to 5 miles of the facility. With portable storage, your customer base can grow significantly. Most portable storage companies have a service area encompassing a 30 to 100-mile radius. You will considerably expand both your residential and commercial customer base.


6. Portable storage brings in new types of customers

For example, construction companies often use portable storage at job sites to store valuable tools or customers’ goods during renovations and remodel projects. This is a customer you’re missing out on by not offering portable storage units.


7. Portable storage has less competition than self storage

Most areas have fewer portable storage companies than self storage facilities. By offering both types of storage, you’ll stand out from the competition and perhaps be the only portable storage provider in your area.


8. Portable storage units help you stand out from your competition

You’ll differentiate your facility from your competitors by offering portable storage as well as traditional self storage. (Of course, this assumes your competitors don’t provide portable storage already! Don’t let them beat you to it!)


9. Portable storage units can act as “moving” billboards for your business

Portable units can help you to advertise and grow. When residents see their neighbors with your portable storage containers, they’ll be more likely to call you when they need portable storage.


10. Portable storage customers are easier to deal with

Portable storage doesn’t bring problem tenants to your facility because the units are either stored on your site or at the customer’s location.

Offering portable storage at your self-storage facility is a natural extension of your brand that gives you an opportunity to expand your customer base and revenue stream.

Because the business model is easily scalable, you can grow this aspect of your business as profits allow. For many self storage facilities, portable storage is the next logical next step in expanding their business.

The good news is that if you decide to add portable storage to your facility’s services, StoragePug is ready to help. We can incorporate portable storage quotes and estimates into your StoragePug marketing website—whether this is your only service or an extension of your self storage facility.



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