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Increase Your Revenue by Offering Portable Storage at Your Facility

November 9, 2018

Increase your Revenue by offering Portable Storage At your facility
4 min

Consider adding portable storage to your product line in order to increase your revenue. There are many distinct benefits to it, for businesses and for customers. 

Most of it boils down to flexibility and convenience. You can store a container almost anywhere there is enough space. 


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Why You Should Consider Mobile Storage

Maintenance is a breeze and transport is simple thanks to the technology used to pick up and drop off the containers. Maybe the greatest benefit for businesses is the revenue and ROI they can attain by adding this storage format to their product line. 

Mobile storage containers can be stored in almost any empty space, outdoors or indoors.

If you have unused land, it's easy to turn that extra space into extra revenue. The durability of the steel containers means maintenance is rarely required. Just sweep them out as needed and they're ready for the next renter.

Even if you don’t have a storage facility or storage experience, you can start earning revenue with a reasonably small investment. 


Getting Started

What about transport, though? It's not as complicated as you might expect. Mobile storage companies use a lifting jack to get the boxes on and off of a truck.

There are several kinds. Some are manual and some automated, meaning you can probably find one to fit your budget. Lift the container, back the truck into place and strap the container down. You're good to go. 

The required investments needed to add mobile storage to your business look like this: 

  • A Flatbed Truck
  • A Container Lifting Jack
  • An Extra Employee (if necessary) 

If you already have any of these, your ROI could be quite high.  That's especially true if there are not many mobile storage competitors in your region. 

Why is portable storage a good investment? It's because consumers are willing to pay a premium for it. They're willing to do so because: 

  • They don't have a truck or don't want to rent one.
  • They're interested in plopping the container in their yard and filling it up on their own time.
  • They don't want to do the hauling.
  • They want a storage unit size that isn't available in a fixed unit. 

When you provide a truck, the convenience of home delivery and a driver to take care of the haul, you typically get at least twice the earnings of a traditional storage unit. Delivery fees, square-footage pricing and add-ons like moving help can easily boost that to 3 times or even more. 

These are all reasons we’ve partnered with Boxwell to make mobile storage easy to rent and manage.

As a storage operator, owner or investor, you can easily add portable storage to your line of products with StoragePug. Buy, lease or rent to own your containers. We'll add them to your inventory and take care of the payments.

Our rental station is a simple way for customers to book their container. If you use Sitelink or another management software program, you can integrate it with StoragePug’s rental station and payment portal. See this article for details. 




Mobile storage is an attractive trend for storage companies and their customers due to its convenience and flexibility. It can also be an affordable way to expand your product line, increase revenue and reach customers who otherwise wouldn't be interested in doing business with you.

Analyze your local market and you're likely to find only a few distant competitors, or even none. Is it time for you to get started with it?



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