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How To Manage My Self Storage Online Social Media Reputation

September 25, 2019

how hard is it to manage my onine reputation and get good reviews
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If you are in the self storage business, you already know how it can become a shell game nightmare if not managed correctly. Without proper vigilance and tools, you might end up guessing which shell someone’s precious belongings are under—and, more horrifically—where that shell is heading.

This authentic and tangible chaotic nightmare can also encroach upon your virtual or cyber world, such as in the case of customer reviews.

Which shells cover the good ones and which shells cover the bad ones?

An article in Business.com cites the peril to a business that doesn’t pay due diligence when using social media sites where negative reviews can harbor and grow lives of their own.

Yikes! We’ve all been there.

Furthermore, the sad truth is, what you don’t know can actually hurt you as a self storage enterprise, especially in the case of startups.

Did you know that a survey cited by the same Business.com article shows that 90 percent of local customers rely solely on research they conduct online to make a purchase decision? Moreover, 85 percent of consumers treat reviews they read online the same as a personal recommendation.

Good to know, right?

Therefore, as a self storage owner or operator, you need to recognize a handful of social media realities that can make or break your business.

So, let’s crack a few shells, shall we?


Sites Outside Your Social Sphere Can Inflict Harm

You don’t need to belong to a social media site for your brand to be praised or trashed. Given the vast social-media landscape (e.g., Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, YouTube, Tumblr, LinkedIn), your customers’ and potential customers’ testimonials about your service can often go undetected until it is too late.


You Can’t Afford to NOT Locate and Manage Reviews

As a business, you need feelers and ears outside of your own website, your Facebook, or your Twitter feed. As previously mentioned, opinions about your brand or service can be found under any of the numerous social shells. You need to overturn them and sift through them regularly.

Propel the good ones and address the bad (i.e., let them know you hear their critiques and respond accordingly and quickly). They will perhaps appreciate your sincerity and your open ear enough to revisit your services.

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Keep Your Sites Consistent with Brand

Make sure your website and each of your social pages reflect consistency and accuracy (e.g., company name, phone numbers, website URL, email, and address). It will ensure that both your marketing message and customer reviews (wherever they may land) hum to the same tune when using your name or brand as a reference. Use similar fonts (type styles), colors, photo filters, and formats throughout all your pages. Use the same lingo, vernacular, or tone of voice in each while knowing which speaks best to your target audience.

According to Search Engine Watch, an industry newsletter, 73 percent of consumers who discover inaccuracies in a local business listing online lose trust in that business. Think of the negative reviews this can generate.


Reputation Management Done Properly Needs the Right Online Tools.

...You can win the shell game.

Here’s the good news! You can find out when your brand or name pops up online through web tools such as Google Alerts and SocialMention. The former alerts you whenever your company name appears in the Google search engine while the latter lends eyes and ears to social media channels. Enter your brand name in the SocialMention field and watch a list of social media sites that contain your name pop up on your screen. It’s that simple to stay on top of your stellar reputation!


A Trusted Web Marketer Can Get Extra Mileage Out of All Your Reviews

A web and SEO marketing firm, tailored solely to self storage businesses, stands ready to relieve you of the burden of keeping an eye and ear tuned into every mention of your company. StoragePug can design your website and manage reviews, or anything else said about your company, no matter which social shell needs to be turned over.

...Meanwhile, StoragePug can also provide the IT support to transact storage rentals online, improve your SEO to gain optimal results on web searches, and create your ads.

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With StoragePug’s help, you can then dedicate your focus to getting portable storage containers to the right addresses or arrive on time, spend time walking prospective customers around the facility grounds, and keeping your customers’ belongings safe.

After all, remember, how you perform on the ground will reflect how you will be received in the virtual world.

Extra Self Storage Tip: Customer Reviews Should Not Be Falsified to Mislead Potential Clients.

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