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Self Storage Call Tracking: Track ROI of Marketing & Ad Spend

August 1, 2018

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When it comes to call tracking for self storage facilities, some may feel it is an excessive and unnecessary expense.

But when using it to track the ROI of their marketing tactics and ad spend, many soon find it is an investment worth pursuing.

With features ranging from determining peak call hours and improving call forwarding to helping you better manage your staff, call tracking offers a vast array of benefits to boost your self-storage company’s overall productivity.

Call tracking can be integrated directly with your self storage website.

There are features like dynamic number insertion so you can track calls from specific ad campaigns or your website.

Here are just a few of the best ways to use call tracking to monitor the ROI of your marketing and ad spend efforts.

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Listen to Past Calls

Call tracking software allows you to search through all your past calls and listen to them.

This key feature offers multiple training advantages, allowing you to review conversations that both managers and employees have had with customers.

It makes it easier to identify the ways your team is providing exceptional customer service, while also pinpointing opportunities for improvement.

Along these same lines, listening to a high volume of calls can help you and your staff recognize common questions and concerns your customers have brought up.

This allows you to make the necessary changes to your marketing content and on your website to help them find these answers more easily.

Unique Phone Numbers

While the thought of managing multiple phone numbers may sound like an headache, call tracking providers offer the ability to have multiple phone numbers forwarded to one line.

The main point of using multiple numbers is to monitor where the caller found the information.

By sharing unique phone numbers on your website, social media profiles, land pages, and more, you will be able to identify what marketing tactics are bringing in the most call traffic.

Most call tracking services offer both local and toll-free numbers, whether you’re a national company or only have locations in one local community.

Time Spent on the Phone

An added benefit that goes hand in hand with the unique phone numbers is the ability to monitor how much time is spent on each call.

When comparing the call duration with the number a customer called from, you’ll be able to recognize which marketing campaigns are producing more in-depth conversations about your self-storage facility.

Determining which of these strategies are providing the highest conversion rates will help you know what areas to continue focusing on and what may not be yielding many results.

This way you can adjust your marketing budget and invest more in what is working.

Use Call Tracking to Improve Your Marketing ROI

Now that you know some of the ways call tracking can benefit the ROI of your marketing and ad spend, why not add it to your software toolbelt?

We have found great success using Call Rail for both our clients and on our own website. They offer great features such as the ones mentioned above and provide great service.

If you have any questions about call tracking and how it can help you, please contact us today!

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