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Convert More Self Storage Tenants with Live Chat

July 13, 2018

We've all been to websites that use live chat to try to engage with their customers, but is this feature right for your self storage website-
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We've all been to websites that use live chat to try to engage with their customers, but is this feature right for your self storage website?

Does it rent more units through your website?

Live chat can help you convert more of your website visitors into paying customers by giving them easy access to your manager.

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How Does Live Chat Work?

Live chat is a new and better way to acquire, engage and retain customers.

- Intercom

Your customers arrive on your website and your front-line salesperson, the chatbot, can be set to engage with them right away, asking if they need any assistance, or it can just sit quietly and wait until your visitor has a question.

It can also be set to wait until your visitor takes a certain action, like clicking to your rates page, before it starts to interact.

When they go to the rates page it will start a conversation with the web visitor asking if they need help finding the right unit.

Messages go directly to your manager to answer immediately, or they can be pre-set with the goal of setting up an appointment at a later time. 

You can also use a combination of these strategies for business hours and off-hours, so if someone comes to the site late, after the manager is finished for the day, your chatbot can go into the pre-set messages mode to gather their information and set up a time for your manager to talk with them the next day.


StoragePug's use of Live Chat on their website. StoragePug's use of Live Chat on their website.


But is Live Chat Worthwhile for a Self Storage Website?

For storage owners who have tried it, the results are good.

Many see a dramatic increase in conversion rates because they are right there to address any question or issue that might come up for the customer.

Customers enjoy reaching out through live chats as they are becoming normal to use.

In our experience at StoragePug, we have seen that live chat has helped our client's close sales that they could've lost. 

Some live chat software, like Crisp, even allows you to see your visitors' actions while on your website.

This is helpful as you can see where people might be dropping out of the rental process.

Pricing plans from top live chat providers like Drift and Intercom range from free to about $50 per month, which means you can give it a try without a huge investment.

It can even pay for itself if it helps to close just one sale per month.

The Bottom Line

You can capture more rentals and increase your occupancy by adding live chat to your self storage website.

With live chat, you can eliminate a lot of sales resistance by being available for questions while your prospect is on your site viewing available units.

A confused mind always says, “No,” but with live chat, you can help to dispel any reservations and close the sale more often than you could without it. 

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