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Gabfocus Spotlight: How can I improve my SEO?

September 22, 2022

self storage quote: My first question is this: Do I even need to improve my SEO?
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You may know what SEO stands for, and you may even understand what it really means. But how do you improve the SEO specifically for your self storage website? There are SEO strategies that work differently for different industries, and many of them may not even matter when it comes to self storage.

In this Gabfocus Spotlight, Tommy Nguyen breaks down his answer and thought process when he's asked the question, "How do I improve my SEO?"

Question: "How do I improve my SEO?"

Check out the video clip below to hear their answers:

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In this Gabfocus Session: Marketing That Matters, StoragePug's own Tommy Nguyen steps into the panelist spotlight alongside Grace Totty (of Absolute Storage Management) to discuss digital marketing. They talk about marketing strategies, what's important, and some hot-button marketing topics.

Check out the full Session to dive deeper! 

Don't want to watch the clip? Here's what Tommy had to say:

My question when I always ask—I get asked that a lot. Like full disclosure, full transparency: StoragePug, we're in this business.

All we do is websites.

So I live and breathe this, and people hit me up on LinkedIn, on Facebook, via email, and of course, even on Gabfocus. Like, "how do I improve my SEO?" And I think I would pause for a second, and I would ask myself this:

If I own a storage facility, my first question is, do I even need to improve my SEO?

Just start there, right? Because maybe you're already dominating. So if you don't know where you stand for these three search terms: storage units near me, self storage near me, and storage near me, if you don't know how well you already naturally rank, then that's probably where I would start.

Because maybe you're already dominating. You're already crushing your market.

Because I think when it comes down to improving SEO, it's less about doing all the crazy, goofy stuff that marketers or agencies try to get you to believe in. Honestly, it comes down to what Grace said when it comes to content. And it's content written for humans, right?

One thing that I'm really proud of, that we do here at Storage Pug is we've got our in-house content team, and they write content for humans. Of course, we're going to throw in keywords. We are going to make sure that storage units near me or if you're in Atlanta, Georgia, we're going to make sure that it says storage units in Atlanta, Georgia.

But otherwise, all the content is written for humans to read. And humans who interact with websites is a signal to Google. It's like, hey, this website, this little thing over here, this business is relevant for more people who search those things, right?

But ultimately, though, we take SEO in a very specific approach. And there are three kind of core ways that we recommend people when they start trying to think about "how do I improve SEO?"

There's three key categories.

One, take a very technical approach. Google actually has a guide on all the technical things that they expect your website to have. So start there.

Number two is take a local approach. So if you service Atlanta, Georgia, or Chattanooga, Tennessee, or Spokane in Washington, right, wherever you are, make sure that you're introducing those local references to your content.

And then last but not least, your Google business listing is actually a key critical component. Maybe all you really need is like, dominate Google business, and all the other stuff can come later."

—Tommy Nguyen

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