2023 Self Storage Customer Trends & Expectations

April 25, 2023

quote: 2023 Customer Trends & Expectations
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It’s critical to stay on top of market trends.

But when you’re busy running your self storage business, how much time do you have to perform extensive market research?

Your customers are constantly changing, and that means the way you view your business might need to change, too. Good research has frequently blown previously well-established industry knowledge out of the water.

What amenities matter to storage customers? Is the desktop versus mobile battle finally coming to a close? What else is there to know!?

Don’t fret: we’ve got you covered. This download will go into industry trends and what your customers are likely to expect when doing business with you over 2023 (and beyond).

An Overview of 2023 Storage Industry Predictions

In general, you could describe the next year of self storage to be similar to previous years from a thousand-foot view. Tech demands are up, contactless service is still important, and convenience and security rule the court.

However, this doesn’t mean nothing has changed at all. The way these trends express themselves evolves. Expect customers in their 20s and 30s to look favorably on modern technology and great software implementations that help make a facility both more convenient and more trustworthy.

A “high demand for technology” ten years ago may have meant having a website where your tenants could find prices before coming in to rent. These days, that’s already losing the game.

So, what are our top 7 trends for this year?

Storage Customer Trends & Expectations in 2023

  1. A return to seasonality
  2. Even more preference for mobile-friendliness
  3. More frequent visits to facilities
  4. Greater convenience
  5. Better data security
  6. An increase in retirement
  7. A preference for small units

These are our top trends and expectations for 2023 based on market data and internal research.

Interested in going deeper? Download the trends forecast today to see the details with stats to back them up!

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What Kind of Data Can You Expect?

Our 2023 trends download has pulled together data from trusted sources throughout the industry and from broader consumer research studies.

Some sources you can expect to see data from include:

  • Internal StoragePug statistics
  • The latest SSA Demand Study
  • Yardi market reports
  • The Verizon Data Breach Investigations report
  • Research from leaders in the data security and consumer research fields

How to Use This Data

These trends aren’t perfect forecasts for every market. Instead, they are predicted trends for the storage industry as a whole by looking at statistics over the last few years and finding patterns.

Ideally, you could use this data as a launch pad to see how these seven points are currently reflected in your specific market. For example, you may be in a community of affluent retirees. In this scenario, how you use the data will differ greatly from a storage facility in a market that will see many Gen Z consumers aging into the market over the next few years.

We hope that you can use this information to better understand your customers, make preparations to better serve them while increasing the return on your investment in storage, and keep track of industry numbers to confirm (or correct) your pre-existing market expectations.

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Data for 2023 & Beyond

See market trends and customer expectations to get ahead of the competition!

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