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StoragePug Self Storage Mobile Payment Portal

Payment Portal

Fast, secure, and easy payments without leaving your storage facility's website. Our payment portal integrates with all major management software. Let your tenants manage their account, pay their bills, and set up autopay.

StoragePug Autopay Icon

Autopay and Pre-Pay

Convenient payment methods for customers.

Some customers just want to set it and forget it. Our Payment Portal lets your customers setup autopay or prepay.

StoragePug's payment portal on a phone
Self Storage management tools icon
Self storage online management tools icon

Manage Units

Online management tools.

Let your customers download their lease, view their past payments, and even schedule a move out date. The more they can do, the less you have to.

Payment Reminders Icon

Payment Reminders

Email and SMS payment notifications.

If you’re tired of tracking down late payments, our email or SMS payment reminders are the features for you. Our customizable reminders will make sure more payments come in on time.

Self Storage Payment Reminders