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Attract, boost and collect

Increase revenue, empower your manager, and gain customer loyalty with StoragePug.

Attract Tenants

Make it easy for potential customers to find your business with a modern web experience.

Boost Occupancy

The easier it is to rent your storage units, the more customers you'll get. Easy math!

Collect Online Payments

Set up online and recurring payments online. A win-win for you and your customers.

We make renting easy

Give your self-storage tenants the modern tools they expect and you'll watch your occupancy grow. Our Self-Storage Success System makes leasing a storage unit online as easy as Amazon. Our rental station lets new customers choose a unit and rent it right from your website.

The easier it is to rent your storage units, the more customers you'll get. Take customers off the market the moment they're ready to rent!

An Example of a Self Storage Website Homepage

Know our benefits

Without an online payment system, customers can only pay or lease when a representative is at the storage unit facility. This increases delinquency and turnover.

Increased Occupancy

Simplifying the shopping and renting process for tenants leads to better conversion rates every time. Easy, effective online experiences take customers off the market the moment they're ready.

Maximize Conversions

Your website should work for you. No more missed opportunities online -- give customers what they're looking for: an easy way to shop for self-storage.

Beat Your Competition

Stand out from the crowd of other storage facilities with a customized local SEO strategy. With StoragePug, you get the best leg up to beat out the other guys in search results.

Seamless Integration

We do all that we can to take mindless tasks off your plate. Let your systems work FOR you by integrating the property management system with the Pug Platform. 

Measurable Results

When you can actually see the results of your new website and your marketing efforts on your bottom line, you'll have so much peace of mind you'll think you were in a hammock on the beach.

Protect Your Reputation

93% of customers say online reviews impact their buying decisions. With tools to get you more reviews and win more customers, you'll look good in-store and online.

Online Curb Appeal

You don't have to rely on drive-bys and walk-ins. In the age of Amazon, we think it should be easy to shop for and rent a self-storage unit online! 

A Lot of Happy Customers

We've found time and time again that tenants love being able to rent online, make payments, view past payments, and manage their contact information and auto-pay status.

Save Time and Money

Automated online payments and digital lease signing can save you hundreds of hours and thousands of dollars. Plus, you'll empower your manager and gain customer loyalty.

Peace of Mind

You want to enjoy financial success without operational headaches and delinquencies. We get it! We believe in empowering people to maximize their potential.

An Industry Partner

We get the storage business. We've both walked in your shoes and alongside other business owners like you and we use this experience to make sure you get results.

Outstanding Customer Support

Have a problem or a question? We're a call or a click away. And we promise we won't leave you hanging -- we'll resolve your ticket in less than 24 hours.

StoragePug Website and mobile view

Our 🚀 clients

"I don't have to worry about how my site is performing. I see it every day with the tools they provide. They also know what properties need special attention and they are working with me to make sure my advertising is in line with my digital competitors. This team is FUN, excited, motivated and love what they do!"

Stephanie Tharpe
President, A+ Management Group, LP

"They are a great partner and we have a lot of interactions on how to keep improving the customer experience on our website, as well as talking about new and exciting products that the industry has not really seen yet."

Jim Mooney Jr.
VP Operations, Freedom Storage Management

"We have increased our website traffic 12% YoY and added 9.7% more leads. The online rental platform that we added for the first time this year brought in 157 online rentals. These guys are incredible! Every member of the team goes above and beyond!"

Jess Casto
Director of Marketing, STORExpress

"They are without a doubt a big part of our success. I highly recommend them, 5 stars! Our websites drive over a third of our rentals and also serve our existing customers with online bill pay and account management."

Barry Raber
President, Bargain Storage

"I'll be honest, my business and life has been improved by partnering with StoragePug. I have relieved my stress of "making it in the Storage business" and gained some good friends which are always looking out for my best interests."

Matt Clark
Self Storage Development, Elmdale Partners

"Like the Greyhound Bus Service: 'Leave The Driving To Us'. That says it all."

Michael Spear
Owner, Storage Corral

"I no longer have to consume my days with analyzing our digital marketing campaigns, which has given me more time to spend with family and focus on other aspects of my business."

David Kampa
Managing Partner. Freeport Self Storage

"Better SEO, Ranking better online, no issues with online payments! Better overall online platform for our customers. Less time spent dealing with website issues, and more time enjoying new lead emails coming in!"

Cameron Hoover
CMO, Freedom Storage Management