Top 9 Self Storage Amenities [Free Download]

May 13, 2022

top 9 self storage amenities
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Which amenities are most important to your customers? Which ones are simply nice to have? And which ones are your customers willing to pay extra for?

The right rental rate for your self storage units can be hard to pin down. You want to offer good value to your customers, and you can't do that without knowing what amenities and features they think are worth their money.

Check out our Top 9 Self Storage Amenities free download to see what your potential customers are looking for in a self storage unit - and what they're not.

Our new Top 9 Self Storage Amenities List shows you which features of your facility are most valuable to your customers, which helps you determine what rates to charge and what assets to highlight in your marketing. 

The amenities on this list come from a wide range of sources, including the Self Storage Association, StoragePug's own internal data, and conversations with experienced self storage professionals. If you'd like to dig deeper into this topic, consider investing in the SSA's Demand Study.

What do storage customers care about the most? Download our Top 9 Amenities to  find out.

Smart self storage operators must keep up with their customers' changing preferences. The people renting your units today are also shopping on Amazon, watching Netflix, and getting dinner from DoorDash. Simply offering the best product isn't always enough anymore - you've got to offer the best product in the most efficient way.

Modern Self Storage Amenities

Technology is reshaping the world, but that doesn't mean the high-tech solution is always the best one. Simple amenities, such as drive-up self storage units, solve your customers' pain points without a smart phone or an app in sight. For many operators, the best way to drive business is to understand what your customers are looking for, rather than adding new high-tech features.

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If you're building a new facility, choosing the right amenities to add could be the difference between a successful business and one that never quite lives up to its potential. Adding some amenities, such as precise humidity control, can be incredibly expensive, while others don't take much investment at all! And your customers are not going to consider how much you spent when they determine how much they're willing to pay.

On the one hand, this can be very frustrating. Your customer don't understand that you splurged for the best possible temperature-control system! Of course you have to charge premium rates! 

On the other hand, this means you can make more money by adding cheap conveniences, rather than needing to rebuild your facility to market it as a premium service.

Customer Experience Matters 

As you've probably heard us say before, customer experience matters. Today's customers are looking for the most convenient rental, rather than the cheapest or the most comprehensive. That means that you can add some of these top amenities without investing a cent!

Whether you're building a new self storage facility, looking to lease up, or looking to increase your rates, you need to know what your customers are willing to pay for. Check out our Top 9 Self Storage Amenities download so you can shape your facility around amenities your customers are happy to pay more for.

What do storage customers care about the most? Download our Top 9 Amenities to  find out.

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