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Online Rentals for Portable Storage | SiteLink API Integration

October 3, 2018

Spaceman Self Storage Portable Storage Instant Qoute Tool
4 min

Did you know that StoragePug doesn’t just make websites for self storage facilities? We also serve the needs of portable storage companies.

With the first instant quote tool for portable storage containers, StoragePug offers the only integrated rental experience in the industry.

Consumers expect to conduct almost all of their transactions online, and being able to rent a portable storage unit via their computer, tablet, or smartphone is no exception.


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10 Benefits of Investing in Portable Storage@5xWhen your website doesn't allow the consumer to rent a portable storage container with accurate, up-to-date pricing, that consumer is more likely to leave your website and rent from a national brand, like PODS, to complete their rental online.

Besides being convenient for customers, online rentals allow you to capitalize on your marketing program. It is important to enable leads to take actionable steps on your website. If your marketing helped them find you, make sure the place the land helps them become a customer!

When consumers visit your website, you’ll be able to secure their business immediately with just a few clicks of their mouse. 

To see what StoragePug can do for portable storage companies, visit the Spaceman Self Storage website.


Spaceman Self Storage Portable Storage Instant Qoute Tool


This site includes StoragePug features specific to portable storage—including an instant quote tool, delivery estimate cost, and pick-up and delivery date specification.

In addition to the features designed specifically for portable storage, StoragePug also offers “behind the scenes” benefits—including SiteLink integration and website marketing tools.

All StoragePug websites are mobile-friendly, offer online bill pay, and customized to your storage brand.

Let’s take a closer look at some of these features.


Instant Quote Tool for Portable Storage

To decrease friction, we first gather the minimal amount of information needed to give a quote and initiate the website visitor in the rental process.

Customers enter the delivery zip code, the date needed, the preferred storage location, and necessary contact information and instantly receive a detailed quote based on the data entered.


Spaceman Self Storage Portable Storage Rental Process


If the delivery zip code is outside of the service area, customers are asked to call the office for additional help.


Delivery Estimation Cost

Synced with Google Maps, the delivery estimation tool provides a detailed breakdown of what it will cost to deliver the portable storage unit.


Spaceman Self Storage Portable Storage Summary Screen
Additionally, we pull in whatever the fees are you may charge. This includes a mileage minimum with a flat rate and cost per mile for each type of re-delivery and final delivery.

Pick-Up and Delivery Date

Customers can specify their pick-up and delivery dates. With online account management, they can make any needed changes, such as extending the rental period or changing the redelivery dates if they are storing at their site or need delivery from your location.


SiteLink API Integration

StoragePug offers seamless integration with SiteLink and other management software—ensuring that online rentals and signed leases immediately appear right in your management software. 

You don't need to learn anything new with our integration. You control your inventory in the same software you're used to, and we take care of the rest on your website.


Online Bill Pay

Offering the ability for your tenants to manage their account online offers many advantages to not only your tenants, but also you and your employees.

Your customers will love the convenience of being to pay their bill online.

They can also choose the AutoPay option and make their lives even more manageable, and save you the trouble of delinquent payments.

Also, you’ll love the ability to automatically send a customized email and SMS payment reminders.


Mobile Friendly

StoragePug websites are designed to look great on computers, tablets, and smartphones.


Spaceman Self Storage Mobile View of their Portable Storage Price Estimator


Your customers will have a low-friction, hassle-free user experience no matter which type of device they are using. Plus, our user-friendly layout makes it easy for customers to find what they need quickly.


No Hidden Fees

StoragePug’s rental tools ensure that quotes clearly and accurately itemize costs for the customer—ensuring that there are no surprises or mislead, disgruntled customers. The itemized breakdown is displayed right on a customer’s screen.



StoragePug websites are built for your branding! Use your logo, colors, and photos with a unique layout to ensure a personalized look and feel while providing a functional and modern website.



Marketing Help

StoragePug offers a suite of tools to help attract new customers, improve your rank in Google, and monitor your SEO rankings.

We also integrate online reviews into your site.

StoragePug’s powerful and customizable websites will attract visitors to your portable storage website and allow you to convert visitors into customers instantly with our collection of online estimation, delivery, and rental tools.



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