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New to Self Storage


So you’re new to self storage? Maybe you’re about to open a new facility, maybe you just did, or maybe you’re only considering it.

Regardless, diving into a new venture like this is an exciting and scary thing, so we’ve collected some helpful tips and insights to point you in the right direction.


Property Management System

We recommend Sitelink!

You need a reliable Property Management System. Sitelink is the most used system in the Self Storage Industry.

Your Property Management System allows you to manage your units, your customers, and the payments.

Different systems have different pros and cons, so do your research and make sure you choose one that’s right for your needs.



Train your manager for success

When you’ve nailed down an internal system, you want to be sure you have a manager who is well-trained, so he or she isn’t having to learn in the middle of on-boarding brand new customers.

Find a manager early, so you can learn and decide your processes together.



Foster local tenants

We’ve learned that 80% of renters live within 5-10 minutes of the facility they rent from, so when you’re focusing your marketing efforts, don’t spread your net too wide.

Believe it or not, good old fashion mailers are a great way to let your surrounding area know you’re open for business.



Plan for the future

For Reservations, we’d recommend offering them 60 Days in advance and Rentals 30 Days in advance. We know some facilities have prorated rates.

This means they adjust their prices by demand. The bottom line is to try and have renters lined up when the doors open.


Website & Online Tools

Build an online presence

These days, that’s the first place people check when they want to investigate your business. And, that’s where we come in.

At StoragePug, we build beautiful marketing websites specifically for storage facilities.

Our sites integrate directly with Sitelink, so customers are able to rent straight from your website. We make it as easy as possible for your to rent more units.