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      How to Share Access to Google Analytics

      Google Analytics is awesome. We log all sorts of good insights such as page views, button clicks, and even rental events! Here's how you can share access to your Google Analytics with StoragePug.

      Step-by-step Guide to Sharing Access to Google Analytics

      1. Log into analytics.google.com
      2. Click on "Admin" at the bottom left
      3. Click on "Account User Management" in the first column
      4. Click on the blue Plus icon at the top right
      5. Click on "Add Users"
      6. Type in seo@storagepug.com where it says "Enter email address"
      7. Check all 4 Permissions boxes (Edit, Collaborate, Read & Analyze, and Manage Users)
      8. Click "Add" at the top right
      9. Celebrate!

      That's it! Let your Client Success team know and we'll take it from here.

      Do you prefer video? We got you covered! Watch below.