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Try our demo

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      How to Export Your SiteLink Lease for PugSign 2.0

      Digital Lease Signing is a big win for any self storage business. On average, you can save around 10 hours per week on paperwork. 10 hours! 

      During the Onboarding Process, you'll be sharing your SiteLink lease with us. We'll need the lease in two different formats:

      1. RTF
      2. PDF

      Tools you'll need:

      1. SiteLink Web Edition
      2. A computer

      Since most of us don't export leases often, we made handy video to walk you through how to export your lease for PugSign 2.0.

      As always, we're happy to help if you get stuck! Send us a quick email to help@storagepug.com or give us a ring at 833-786-7784. 

      Click here for a full-screen version of the video or click play to watch below!