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Self storage may seem like an unsexy business venture, but portable storage operations, through online marketing, can start as small or large as you want.

Portable self storage is a good investment, especially when you look at the operations in terms of the industry and the potential clients who benefit.

Retail businesses often require more space but are stuck to the area they occupy. Portable storage containers can provide more for numerous circumstances.

As a storage facility owner, portable self storage can increase revenue and satisfaction by offering fixed or mobile container rentals.

Portable storage is scalable in such a way that the storage container inventory you decided is best for your operations is solely based on your intent.

The popularity of portable self storage is rising, and there are a few investing methods so to take advantage of this new opportunity in self storage.

Self Storage owners and operators can use available space on their facilities by investing in portable storage and expanding their inventory for rentals.

StorageCat makes it easy for you to offer futuristic, cutting-edge technologies your tenants will love. It's going to be a key differentiator in your mini storage marketing plan this year.

As a follow up to our announcement of our participation in Innov865's Startup Day 2018 pitch competition, we are pleased to announce that we took home both prizes!

Consider adding portable storage to your product line in order to increase your revenue. There are benefits to it, for businesses and for customers. Most of it boils down to flexibility and convenience. You can store a container almost anywhere there is enough space.

Investing in portable storage units is a smart move for self storage facilities. Not convinced? Read on for ten benefits of investing in portable storage.

Meet the StoragePug founders: Matt Huddleston, Tommy Nguyen, and Richard Jeffords. Jonathan Mills Patrick hosts the SouthFound podcast, the voice for southern startups.

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