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Portable storage containers as mobile units has lots of uses on your property but containers can also be the extra building that a garage normally is.

Tommy Nguyen, COO, StoragePug, is participating in a panel alongside self-storage experts to discuss value-based pricing online at the SSA Fall Tradeshow.

Numerous tips when packing, moving, and using portable storage containers so receive the most benefits from your unit rental and manage yourself properly.

Portable containers and portable storage units come in various sizes for different circumstances, this guide should read to find a great fit for your uses.

Clients habitually use self storage while moving. Storage operators can utilize portable containers to market similarly to provide utility to customers.

With so many companies offering their services as portable storage solutions, it's helpful to use their differences to find what will benefit you the most.

Tommy Nguyen and StoragePug are pitching in the LaunchTN Start-Up Competition at the 36|86 Festival in Nashville, TN on August 29th.

Aware of modern consumer habits, portable storage operators can use online rentals software, social media, and outdoor marketing to increase profitability.

Portable storage is a quality storage solution for modern types of customers that lead dynamic lifestyles. Understand then market more directly to clients.

This forum is one of the biggest moments for widespread industry growth. StoragePug is joining an expert panel to educate on Self Storage's biggest stage.

Portable storage can be used in three distinct ways: Moving, Self Storage, and DIY Projects. Further examining them by rental length can maximize benefits.

Identifying common pitfalls and trouble areas for self storage owners equates to successful relationships between customers and portable storage operators.

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