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Remote controlled Drones have been around for years. These high-tech devices are perfect for highlighting the quality and security of your self storage. Using sweeping and dramatic angles, there is no replacement for the capabilities of your flying camera.

Starting from our inception and continuing today, one of the biggest focuses at StoragePug is self storage SEO. The first step to getting online rentals is getting found by tenants searching for facilities in their area.

At StoragePug, we make sure our customers can put their brand's best foot forward when it comes to their website by making it as customizable as possible.

Matt, Tommy, and myself started StoragePug because we saw that there was room for improvement when it came self storage websites and online marketing. We believe that self storage companies should be able to build a strong online presence whether they have one or one hundred locations.

Did you know StoragePug has a Help Center? This article originally appeared here. When I worked at a self storage facility in college, I never enjoyed chasing down late payments. Most of the time people would simply forget to pay.

By having the right layout and information on your self storage website you can convert your web traffic into paying tenants!

At StoragePug we have taken extra time to build our software with the self storage facility owner in mind. One way that we do this is by offering Regular Updates to all of our clients. As we add new features we make them available to all of our clients.

40 percent of consumers expect the companies they do business with to provide mobile-friendly websites and online ordering. At StoragePug we have carefully designed our Rental Station to meet the expectations of the modern customer by offering online rentals for self storage.

A sitemap provides clues to site crawlers about a website. The information provided about a give page can include: the URL, how important the page is (to create a hierarchy), update frequency, and date modified. All of this information is useful for a crawler to know how and when to crawl a website.

StoragePug integrates with your self storage management software to pull the insurance you're offering. It's nothing extra to offer tenants insurance on your website!

Be contacted by potential tenants with accurate information on your self storage website. A primary function of a facility website is to be an open channel.

We believe operators should control their own content. StoragePug gives a platform and dashboard to create and edit content on your self storage website.

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