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The same way that a house needs good “curb appeal,” i.e., looking good from the outside, so does your website. You have 50 milliseconds to make a good first impression when someone visits your website.

Everything you need to know about investing in Self Storage. Part two of StoragePug's Investing Playbook is all about streamlining your Facility's operations.

Online reviews play an important role in how consumers evaluate and choose businesses. So where are the most best places to get reviews for storage facilities? The most important place is Google, followed closely by Yelp and Facebook.

Currently, many customers do online searches to find self storage. Modern customers expect to rent units on your website. To compete with large REITs, you need to find a vendor that will create a great online user experience including a smooth checkout process.

It is a storage facility owner’s worst nightmare to have their facility associated with a negative search result—whether it be a negative review, article, or blog post.

With the first instant quote tool for portable storage containers, StoragePug offers the only integrated rental experience in the industry. When consumers visit your website, you’ll be able to secure their business immediately with just a few clicks of the mouse.

When a visitor comes to your self storage marketing website let them know more about your self storage business with ease. On the average Web page, users have time to read at most 28% of the words during an average visit; 20% is more likely.

Tenant insurance plans are one of the best ancillary products you can provide that will drive your profits. It also helps customers to know that they are responsible for their property. It transfers the risk and some responsibilities to your tenant.

If your self storage facility isn’t offering online rentals via your website, here are eight reasons why you need to change that now.

Google Adwords is an extremely popular online marketing tool for self storage. The goal of AdWords is to drive new traffic to your self storage website so they can rent units online.

At StoragePug, we make it easy to offer self storage discounts on your facility's website. However, being able to offer a discount is not the same as ensuring that the discount will be effective.

Self storage pay per click advertising a great way to focus on a target audience and get your message in front of it as quickly as possible.

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