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Bartering (exchanging good or services for other goods or services without using any money) has been used for centuries and predates the use of money. In the self storage industry, bartering (also known as rent exchange) usually involves trading a storage unit for goods and services.

In the past, word of mouth, radio advertising, or even an ad in the newspaper was enough to get your self storage facility a little extra attention, but not anymore.

Live chat can improve your customer experience and even serve as a revenue generator for your Self Storage Business. 

According to Forbes, online reviews are the best thing that ever happened to small businesses, including self storage facilities.

If your self storage facility isn’t offering online rentals via your website, here are eight reasons why you need to change that now.

Building a storage facility can be an exciting new business adventure to take on, even if you have built multiple facilities in the past. According to Bloomberg, 'The U.S. self storage industry generated more than $32.7 billion in revenues in 2016.'

If you're wondering whether to sell moving and packing supplies at your self storage facility, the answer is YES! Besides offering this service to your customers, it also generates another (high margin!) revenue stream.

Do you have grainy or pixellated pictures on your website? Self storage photography is important! The photos on your self storage website or marketing materials will be the first thing potential customers see before visiting your property.

A successful self storage marketing strategy starts with your manager. Your manager is a salesperson! Set goals that challenge them to become a better manager.

Call tracking software allows you to track the ROI of your marketing tactics and ad spend, It is an investment worth pursuing for your storage facility.

Your tenants are most likely going to need a truck when they rent a storage unit. Give your facility an edge over your competition.

Self storage kiosks are a good way to automate your facility, but your website can offer many of the same benefits but without the large upfront cost.

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