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Self Storage owners/operators have researched putting Kiosks on facility as an alternative to having an automated website. StoragePug advices against this.

The kiosk may be a trendy item in the self-storage industry, but it's not a game-changer that's going to help you break through to a higher plateau of revenue. In reality, your tenants probably won't be looking for a kiosk. Even if they are, you can win them over with a well-designed website.

Everything you need to know about investing in Self Storage. Part two of StoragePug's Investing Playbook is all about streamlining your Facility's operations.


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Self storage websites can do virtually everything kiosks can do while offering customers greater flexibility and convenience. Many self storage facility owners erroneously believe that kiosks are the only way to operate an unmanned facility. However, this isn’t true.

Self storage kiosks are a good way to automate your facility, but your website can offer many of the same benefits but without the large upfront cost.

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