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Optimize your self storage operation with our quick Audit Checklist! This one page audit will identify strengths, weaknesses, and areas to improve.

Keep track of your lien deals with our handy self storage settlement and release agreement form! This is part of our Self Storage Operator's Toolkit.

Sign before you snip! Proper documentation can protect you and your customers. Keep better records with our Self Storage Operator's Toolkit!


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Save yourself time and stress with our helpful Lock Change Notice! This form, along with the rest of our Operator's Toolkit, is made for self storage.

Make sure you've covered all the bases with our New Employee Checklist! This customizable form helps you keep track of new hire trainings and paperwork.

Learn which amenities are most important to your customers with our Top 9 Amenities download! We'll help you offer the most valuable self storage features.

Help your customers and protect your business with our helpful Key Release Form! This customizable form is part of our Self Storage Operator's Toolkit.

Find your state self storage association here! These helpful organizations can answers your questions, organize events, and lobby on your behalf with local politicians.

Don't get tripped up by the complexity of liens and auctions! Our helpful auction checklist will ensure you've followed every proper step.

Keep track of your late fee forgiveness with this helpful waiver! The Late Fee Waive Form is one of many helpful documents in our Operator's Toolkit.

Keep good records for your active military tenants with this handy form! Our Operator's Toolkit takes the headache out of self storage record-keeping.

Introduce yourself to your new tenants without having to waste time writing a letter. Use our customizable welcome letter template instead!

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