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    How to Hire a Great Self Storage Property Manager

    Your browser does not support SVG Tommy Nguyen

    StoragePug is a modern marketing company for self storage. We create intelligent marketing websites that allow you to rent units & take payments through your facility's website.

    Few industries are like the self storage industry in that the success or failure of a location relies so considerably on one or two employees - the property managers.

    Finding a qualified manager can be exhaustive and usually is a lengthy process if done right.

    Free Move in Truck: Attract New Self Storage Tenants

    Your browser does not support SVG Matt Huddleston

    As the owner of a self storage facility, you’re always looking for new ways to bring in tenants.

    Maybe you sit around in your office, thinking of new ways to market your storage facility, as on of your tenants drive by in a moving truck.

    And then it hits you – maybe we can offer a moving truck to our clients.

    Decoding Self Storage Technology in 2018

    Your browser does not support SVG Richard Jeffords

    Over the past decade, the real estate investment world has really started to take notice of the self storage industry. While there are some downsides such as saturation, there are upsides as well. In addition to newcomers seeing opportunity in storage, so have technology companies.

    Although self storage has traditionally been behind when it comes to technology, the past couple years have seen some great innovation in several categories: Marketing, Self Storage Management Software, IoT/IoE Platforms, Access Control, Security, Mobile Apps, and Automation.

    Self Storage Owners | Why the Self Storage Association (SSA) is for You

    Your browser does not support SVG T. J. Williamson

    Joining the Self Storage Association (SSA) puts you in touch with self storage owners like yourself.

    Industry ownership is fragmented, with 18% of facilities owned by the six largest public companies, 8% owned by the next top 100 operators (minus the REITs), and 74% owned by small operators. (Self-Storage Almanac, 2018)

    It provides you with networking opportunities, industry knowledge, legal advice, information on self storage products, and a myriad of other resources.

    7 Ways to Get Your Self Storage Customers to Refer New Tenants [Self Storage Marketing]

    Your browser does not support SVG Rachel English

    StoragePug is a modern marketing company for self storage. We create intelligent marketing websites that allow you to rent units & take payments through your facilities' website. 

    As the manager or owner of a self storage facility, you know that referrals are useful for growing your list of tenants. 

    Referrals from friends are the most credible form of advertising among consumers. 

    A great way to grow your self storage business is to get your current tenants to refer you to their friends

    Referral Incentives for Self Storage Facilities

    Your browser does not support SVG T. J. Williamson

    Referrals are primarily the results of word-of-mouth from happy tenants of your self storage facility.

    They test your services and their high level of satisfaction compels them to recommend you to their social circle.

    Self Storage Marketing: Creating PPC Campaigns that are Effective

    Your browser does not support SVG Richard Jeffords

    New technologies have dramatically changed self storage marketing.

    Twenty years ago, it wasn’t uncommon for a self storage business to have no website. Now, if you don’t have a website, you’re dead in the water.

    Pay-per-click (or “PPC” for short) advertising is just one of the many new technologies available to self storage owners.

    Using Billboards Effectively For Your Self Storage Facility

    Your browser does not support SVG T. J. Williamson

    Wondering if billboard advertising is a viable marketing strategy for your self storage facility?

    The good news is that billboards can be effective when used correctly.

    Albeit, if your website can rent units online, there may be more cost effective ways to garner new tenants with digital advertising. 

    Are Marketing Flyers Still An Effective Way of Advertising for Self Storage Facilities?

    Your browser does not support SVG Amanda Myers

    In our digital age, it is easy to believe that flyers are outmoded forms of self storage marketing—as out-of-date as using the Pony Express or a town crier to spread the word about your business.

    But don’t count out marketing flyers yet! Flyers can be a surprisingly effective tool in your self storage marketing toolbox.

    However, the key is to use them effectively and recognize their strengths and weaknesses.

    7 Self Storage Marketing Ideas [Quick Article]

    Your browser does not support SVG T. J. Williamson

    The self storage industry in America is experiencing unprecedented growth.